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NEW Sisley Beauty Box!

Y’all know I’m a beauty and skin care snob. But not so much that I invest in fancy brands like Sisley because I’m still on a budget, hookay? (I’ve got a mortgage now, so a girl’s gotta cut back somewhere.) When I saw that Sisley recently created a beauty box subscription with five of their coveted samples mailed to you each month, I jumped on that bandwagon SO FAST and SO HARD.

You can get a six or twelve month subscription for $60 or $100. I went with the annual option bringing the price down to $8.33/month. You receive a total of five samples each month, and for the two boxes I’ve received there were three “tubes” and two foil packets. Due to the high price point of Sisley products, it is a pretty good deal. You could possibly get these samples for free from a counter but who wants to ask [beg] for that?

Sisley Beauty Box Subscription 1

Sisley Beauty Box Subscription 2

The July 2016 box:

Sisley Beauty Box Subscription 3

Sisley Beauty Box Subscription 4

The August 2016 box:

Sisley Beauty Box Subscription 5

Sisley Beauty Box Subscription 6

August was my favorite of the two because it had two mask samples. I would be delighted if the boxes were all masks (yeah, dream big). I’m hoping for big things in the upcoming holiday box(es) and maybe even on the one year anniversary. On the other hand, I’m kinda hoping for not such great things so that I won’t become addicted to this beautiful French skin care line. I’ll keep you posted.

Are you a Sisley fan?  What’s your favorite product?  Will you subscribe to this beauty box?

Let me know in the comments below!


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