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Something NEW: (Smaller) MAC Pro Palettes & Other MAC Updates

Oh hi there. In my time away from you all I’ve bought a SHIT TON (legit tho) of new makeup. My pile of awesomeness (and some not so awesome) is getting a bit too much with the back log so it’s time to share. Also, I’m having terrible anxiety about blogging and hitting that “Publish” button after being away for so long… Let me just start with a little one to ease back into things. Shall we?

New MAC Pro Palettes Small 1

My blog writing absence doesn’t extend reading others’ blogs. Oh no ma’am. In fact, late last week when other bloggers mentioned that MAC had a $10 off $50 coupon code, I had to take part. I mean, just twist my arm why don’t ya? 

I easily filled my cart with all sorts of things I don’t need and then it happened.

I always check out the tools section and I came across these new, smaller MAC palettes. They have a square one and a “long and lean” version. Let’s just say that their typical palettes are sized XL and they finally came out with a small – thank goodness. Words that have never crossed my mouth with reference to anything other than in this particular instance. Now that I keep all of my makeup in my Clear Cube wannabe, I find it much harder to use my MAC eyeshadow and blush palettes because they’re below all of my other junk (read: makeup). These new babies are just what the doctor ordered so of course I bought two.

New MAC Pro Palettes Small 2
New MAC Pro Palettes Small 4

New MAC Pro Palettes Small 5

New MAC Pro Palettes Small 6

I ordered a six-pan eyeshadow insert and a two-pan blush insert. This will be ridiculously perfect for a contour powder (probs Sculpt) and the famed Emphasize brightening powder because I wasn’t able to get my greedy little hands on the pre-made combo they recently released. Safe to say I’m super pumped about these beauties.

In addition to the awesome coupon code and new palettes, MAC is doing some good things to re-vamp. They recently lowered the price of their eyeshadows (#necessary), they’re offering nice freebies with every order (is this new? I’m not sure…), free (& fast) shipping, and a Sephora-esque membership program! The three differing levels of their reward program is fairly attainable too so BRAVO MAC. Way to catch up to the times. Now if Sephora could make some changes to their Rouge perks all would be right in the world. I jest, obviously…All really would be right if I had an unlimited bank account, living that #housewifelife with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Miguel Angel Silvestre. Polyamory at its finest. 

New MAC Pro Palettes Small 3

I have so many other great makeup finds and a few really surprising fails… I promise to tell you all about them very, very soon.

Have you seen these new MAC palettes? Will you buy and try or nah?

What great makeup finds have you discovered lately?

Let me know in the comments below!


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