2016 Birthday Gift (Freebie) From Sephora & Ulta

Let’s chat about Sephora’s latest birthday gift offering to their faithful followers.

2016 Sephora Ulta Birthday Gift Freebie

Last year’s offering of two mini NARS lip pencils blew my damn mind. I’m still recovering from the awesomeness; after all  Cruella is my bitch.

This year, there’s a TWIST! You can pick your gift in the form of Fresh skin care items (cleanser and mask samples) or makeup. I picked the offering from Marc Jacobs  which is a mini La Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and mini Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Blacquer. A lipstick and eyeliner, okay? Sheesh these names. The formulas on both of these products is fantastic and the shades are very wearable (black and rose).

The price point on these samples is very comparable (maybe even more!) to last year’s and the fancy brand(s) is a step in the right direction. They can never return to the years of giving out Sephora brand products. Also, the more choices the better. Hallelujer. Although they don’t have an extra special offering for VIB Rouge members this year… Maybe because there are so many of us!? For shame on us all spending that much money at Sephora.

I don’t know why I’m a little bit disappointed? I think it’s because samples of Fresh and Marc Jacobs have been quite plentiful in recent months so this offering doesn’t seem all that special. I remember one rare occasion that they were offering NARS lip pencils as a point perk but that’s definitely not a regular occurrence. It’s still a lovely gift but not my favorite. Last year’s gift is still solidly in first place due to my obsession with Cruella and those amazing lip pencils.

Unlike Sephora’s rewards that only seem to get better with time, Ulta’s rewards seem to be regressing. As for Ulta’s gift, it’s apparently a mini Benefit Rollerball mascara for members with birthday in the first quarter of the year. I went into Ulta earlier this week, saw the offering, and promptly scoured through my email for the notification/certificate. The associates said that I wouldn’t get the email until five days before my actual birthday and then I would have a month to claim. Although they said this with little confidence so they’re clearly not 100% knowledgeable about this year’s offering. I wonder if there’s a gift certificate associated with this year’s freebie as well? That would certainly make it a nicer gift. Scouring online, I see conflicting information that says the reward certificate will come in the mail and not via email. Hmm… We shall see when/if I get the email and am actually able to claim the freebie mascara…

[UPDATE] I def got the $10 Ulta coupon and it was glorious as was the mini Rollerball mascara. I surprisingly liked the mini one much better than when I previously bought (and returned) the full-sized version. I didn’t get the coupon until maybe one day before or on my birthday via email…and I promptly used it that day. LOL. When you actually compare the two rewards side by side, the Ulta one is probably better in actuality but damn they need to get their stories straight and customer service on POINT. That is all.

Those with January birthdays, are you happy with this year’s freebie offering(s)? If your birthday is later in the year, are you excited for your gift?

Let me know in the comments below!


30 thoughts on “2016 Birthday Gift (Freebie) From Sephora & Ulta

  1. I got my gift too! I somehow managed to get both – both fresh and marc Jacobs 🙂 I love the rose face mask
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. I work at Ulta and have redeemed them through email, some people receive them ON their birthday some 5-7 days before that’s something we have no control over really. I haven’t seen someone bring in a mailed certificate yet, but it’s only January so I guess time will tell on that one. If you haven’t received it by your birthday give the corporate number a call and they can most likely email you to be sure! I’m disappointed there’s no Rouge gift this year at Sephora, it surprised me because they’ve been trying to make Rouge seem better and better and more appreciated and I don’t think they’re conveying that through the birthday gifts this year, boo 😦


    • Yes, I did get the Ulta certificate and most def redeemed it the same day – LOL. I think I used it towards an It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil? Something like that.

      I agree about the Rouge thing! They still need to up the Rouge ante because those epic rewards were such an epic fail.


    • Im a platinum member and never got anything in my email about my birthday, or even in junk mail because I check it every couple days, I didn’t even notice till last month that there is even a bday gift from them, however I got marc jacobs lipstick bday gift from sephora that I was very happy with


  3. That actually sounds like a good gift. I actually can use black eyeliner and rose lipstick; Ulta, for some reason, keeps offering the March birthdays mini-mascara, and I don’t wear mascara, and they won’t let me trade for a different month’s gift.


  4. Five days before is a bit disappointing for ulta. My birthday falls at the very end of March but I’m already getting a number of birthday perks notifications from other sites. I hope this year the freebies from each quarter is going to be more equal in value and brand. Last year, the last two quarters were way better than the the first quarter in regards to the birthday freebie


    • AGREED 100% My Ulta offer last year was for a Ulta eyeshadow quad – umm, no. Whereas later in the year, some chicks were getting an UD eyeliner. Girl STOP. I guess time will tell for this year’s birthday offers…


  5. I obsess over birthday month gifts because if you can get something pretty free, then why not? I agree, last year’s NARS pencils were great. I’m looking forward to picking up this year’s gift. I decided to go with the Marc Jacob set instead of the Fresh gift, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to pull off that shade of pink. Ulta, on the other hand…. I’m a little iffy on traveling to Ulta for the birthday gift. I haven’t received an email or mailer for a gift (Today is my birthday). I feel a little weird walking in without proof of a birthday gift offer. In my opinion, Shiseido needs to get to giving out birthday gifts- in which case, I would find myself being born every month. Love them.


    • GAH -Sephora is ON IT. It is super convenient to get your birthday gift from them with your normal monthly order. I’ve never ordered from Ulta online so I don’t know if they offer it the same way Sephora does…from your comment it makes me think not. Hmmm…

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  6. Hey there! Just some quick insight into why their CS seems to be shoddy: I worked there for two months as manager trainee. Straight up in my interview the store manager told me they had very little time to train, so I’d have to learn a lot on my own. All the the promotions and policies are so sporadic and change so often, with little information being relayed to the employees in a timely manner, it’s surprising we managed as well as we did. I hated not having the answers or the information I should have as an employee, so I know it’s def frustrating when your a customer. Hopefully they get their act together soon enough!


    • Very insightful and honestly what a terrible policy. How could any store/brand/company in the customer service industry not focus on customer service? That makes zero sense. But honestly after my many Ulta experiences, I’m not at all surprised that’s their “policy” hmmmmm. Thanks for the input, Tyler!


  7. The Ulta B-day gift for the 2nd quarter (April, May, or June), is a 3.4oz Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hair Spray -Pretty lame honestly. You can buy the fullsize10oz version for an over-priced $18. I’ve frankly been rather underwhelmed with both Ulta & Sephora this year but Sephora is still out ranking Ulta.


  8. I got my June birthday gift from Ulta, which is Sexy Hair hairspray, which I unfortunately won’t use (never use hairspray!). But I didn’t get a $10 credit? I’m not sure if that is a mistake? Or if I have to be one of the Platinum members to get that? Do you have any idea?

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  11. Thanks for the info, but quick question. Do you all just walk in to the counter, ask for gift and then leave? I’ve never fourteen it before but don’t want to make anyone mad. How did you all handle it? Really don’t need to purchase anything right now. Thanks for any info.

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