SRY, I’ve been busy buying a home.

HEY HOOKERS. Since it’s been a hot minute (aka nearly 3 months) since I’ve last posted, I’m sure you’ve forgotten all about me. That’s fine. <Dies on the inside>

Where do I even begin? Honestly, Pretty Trippy has been on the back burner for a while. It started early last year when my grandfather passed away and escalated mid-year when I got a major promotion meaning major, additional  responsibilities at work.  #WhatWorkLifeBalance? Then in July, I got the bright idea that it was time for me to buy my first home, closed in October, and finally moved in November. All this while poorly managing my grad school classes, semi-maintaining friendships, and attempting to sleep. So, 2015 was a bit of a whirlwind and I’m happy it’s over.

Home closing present champagne le creuset Closing day presents & my lovely bamboo floors

It seems like I’m bitching about nothing especially when it comes to the home-buying process. I’ve heard so many horror stories but everything went swimmingly for me…

One of my fancy friends bought a condo in the heart of Buckhead and convinced me that I should do the same. So I used her same realtor, spent about 2 months looking, and quickly made an offer on a condo of my own. I paid the price I was comfortable with on a condo in my dream location, the inspection was perfect, and I was able to close on the property exactly when I wanted to. There were no bidding wars, no surprise issues with the unit, and closing was a breeze. I spent the next month having the entire place re-painted (a nice gray palette, thankyouverymuch) and getting new carpet in the bedrooms, both of which were under budget and ridiculously fast.

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because everything has been going so well…

condo mid paint

Mid-paint (buh bye yellow!)

condo new paint

The paint color is “Burnished Clay” which turned out much more gray than expected…

Condo New Window

New windows!

I even had a friend of mine move into the guest bedroom and she pays half of my mortgage and COA fees. HOLLA. Best Deal Evah. And get this: I ordered a new bed frame and it arrived (to the wrong unit in another building) while I was out-of-town. New roomie and her boyfriend carried the new bed frame back to our building and EVEN PUT THE DAMN THING TOGETHER! What’s she paying me rent for? I should pay her!

Plus, I’ve met a many of my neighbors and they’re all so NICE. Much better than the HOA Lady From Hell that was my previous neighbor. An older couple just moved in next door to me and today they invited me over “to get drunk” with them next week. I belong here.

While work and school are still a bit crazy, the condo side of things has settled down a bit. Don’t get me wrong, there are still boxes to be opened but things are livable. Lemme know if you’re interested in any home posts. By NO means am I a decor master, but I do quite like chatting about kitcheny things and my experience buying a condo.

That’s all for now folks. Missed you, mean it. Kbyeeeeeeee.


9 thoughts on “SRY, I’ve been busy buying a home.

  1. Jesus. Are you kidding?! Here I am building my wardrobe and you’re damn near re-designing a new place! Congrats! Vancouver is the 2nd most expensive place to buy in all of North America so I think maybe I’ll make my way over to GA? Hmm. I’m only half kidding.


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