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Snoop: The Medicine Cabinet

Who doesn’t love good snoop sesh? I’m so fascinated by what is in people’s makeup collection, purse, nightstand, etc. Don’t leave me alone to house-sit because I will probably open all of your drawers, cabinets and closets. Just being real. 🙂

I just bought a home (awesome!) without a medicine cabinet (awful!) so here’s your last chance to check mine out. I adore medicine cabinets (or whatever you choose to call them) because it allows the products to stand up. There are  some limitations, but I love the ease and convenience of them. I just try to cram as much in here as possible – can you tell?

Feel free to snoop around a bit…

Medicine Cabinet 1

The Top: Moisturizers, Masks & Scrubs

I adore Neutrogena Ageless Essentials moisturizer but I can’t find it anywhere! To be perfectly honest, I’m not really in love with anything else on this shelf…Real talk, y’all (shrugs).

The Bottom: Eyes, Lips & Hair

I keep all the little things that I access the most on the bottom shelf. It’s perfect for my addiction to eye drops, hair oils/thingies (ties and pins), and chapstick. I can’t find that Amika oil ANYWHERE which is so tragic because it’s so amazing. Seriously. Even better than the Moroccan Oil I keep stashed behind it. I’m also addicted to eye drops – can you tell?

The Middle: Everything else…

The middle shelf is where I stash the good stuff. I’m obsessed with the Bio True contact solution. I never thought there was a difference in contact solutions until I tried this stuff – so good! A few other obsessions are Philosophy’s Purity cleanser, Caudalie’s Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet and Lancome’s Genifique serum. I’ve determined that Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is way overpriced as is Shiseido’s eye makeup remover.

Medicine Cabinet 2

There’s two whole cabinets full of the things that don’t fit in the medicine cabinet. Maybe that would be a good goal – only keep enough things to fit in this space? HA. We’ll see about that.

Do you snoop in other’s stuff/homes? What’s going on with your medicine cabinet? Will you take a shelfie?

Let me know in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Snoop: The Medicine Cabinet

  1. LOL love the honestly. I totally snoop. I won’t go through EVERY drawer (bedroom drawers are off limits) but I don’t have a single friend whose medicine cabinet I haven’t opened, haha. I sort of feel ashamed? But mostly I’m just relieved that I’m not alone ;-P

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  2. Oh no – where will you keep all of your goodies now? So I gather that you were not blown away by the Glam Glow mask?

    I also love snooping through medicine cabinets… I will have to take a photo of mine very soon! 🙂

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    • Haha, thankfully the lack of medicine cabinet space is more than made up for with the under the sink and bathroom closet storage!

      Glam Glow…ehhh. No, not really. I don’t think it really does all that it claims. PLUS, I had about 1/4 left in it and went to use it this past weekend and it was ALL DRIED UP! That was a painful $69 to try and bring back to life. It clearly didn’t work as well as I hoped…

      Please do! I would love to see inside your cabinets and drawers (LOL – not really, but yes really all at the same time – ya feel?)


      • It dried up??? I haven’t heard of that happening yet – so thankfully I am even more put off purchasing it (I was way to tempted- it was logic defying stuff)! It only contains about 39 GRAMS of product also!

        You know what else I love, arranging all of my toiletries and products in new spaces, so I hope you enjoy it also in your new bathroom! 🙂


      • YASSS BISH. That shiz dried up and I was super pissed. UGH. If they would just make it in a tube, I don’t think the same thing would happen… I say just use the sample tubes they give out all the time. Don’t waste your money.

        Me too! I’m ready for the painting and flooring fiasco to be over so I can move in already! The bathroom is currently a dark green and, along with the rest of the yellow walls, must be painted over immediately. ASAP. :):):)


  3. I never end up snooping because I’m a wuss (HA!) so I love posts like this! I feel like this is the best way to discover products. I feel like I have to add–my cabinet lately has been full of this Japanese skin care line I recently discovered, Yu-Be. Though it works for my whole family which means my cabinet is constantly getting snooped and my Yu-Be is constantly getting stolen, haha.


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