NARS Giveaway Goodies

I’m a firm believer of never playing the lottery because the odds of winning are just too slim. I sometimes enter giveaways  (only when they’re conducted with the amazingly simple Rafflecopter widget) but I never expect to actually win. Well, ladies, dreams do come true because I just won the most sick giveaway prize evahhhh. Ohmygoshsogood.

I’ve been a huge fan of The Beauty Look Book for YEARS. She was probably the second beauty blog I started following regularly after the beauty encyclopedia that is Temptalia. I even talked about how much I love her blog and photography skills here, here and here. So when Sabrina contacted me that I’d won a recent and extremely generous NARS giveaway, I was over the moon! You already know how much I’m obsessed with NARS! Take a look:

NARS eyeshadow blush giveaway 5

NARS eyeshadow blush giveaway 2 NARS eyeshadow blush giveaway 3

NARS eyeshadow blush giveaway 4

The giveaway prize included some new NARS offerings – one small palette with three blush inserts (Deep Throat, Orgasm, and Torrid) and five eyeshadow duo inserts (All About Eve, Kalahari, Alhambra, Cordura and Sugarland). The only one of these items that I already owned was the Orgasm blush (probably along with the rest of the world) so I passed that off to a co-worker. She’s not as much of a makeup fanatic so she was a little surprised by the name – HA! As for the blushes and eyeshadows themselves, they are spectacular. I can tell you that Kalahari may be the new love of my life – move over Burberry Nude!

The palette is so sleek and although made of a fabric-esque material, it will probably still collect fingerprints just like the regular NARS packaging. The magnetized palette is super strong and each of the inserts pop right in. A downside (to me) would be that this palette is a bit bigger and more square-shaped than most of my palettes. It definitely doesn’t fit inside of my Original Beauty Box in the standing position but das okay because it’s just so beautiful. I’m tempted to transfer all of my depotted eyeshadows/products into this palette because it will fit SO MUCH.

Love it. Love it. LOVE IT.

Nars palette NARS eyeshadow blush giveaway 1

And get this – home girl sent ME a thank you card. No ma’am – THANK YOU! This prize was so incredibly sweet and generous. Thank you again, Sabrina!

Do you love NARS as much as I do? Do you enter giveaways? Have you ever won something?

Let me know in the comments below!


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