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Sephora Epic Rewards = Epic Fail

sephora epic rewards epic fail

And there go all of Sephora’s customers off to Nordstrom…

In case you blinked and missed it, Sephora’s much hyped about “Epic Rewards” were an EPIC fail. Apparently, the rewards were released at noon today and were gone but a minute later. I missed out on all the action-packed waiting because I’m a working girl (not that kind of working girl) like the rest of American women waiting for their one true sugar daddy to come along and sweep them off their feet.

FAIL, Sephora, FAIL. This quantity question was my main concern when I wrote about the exciting rewards in my post yesterday, but I didn’t quite realize how small each reward quantity was…

Now, people are pisssssssssed. Royally pissed. Which I can understand to some extent, but I don’t ride or die by Sephora rewards. There’s bigger things in life, y’all. Like battling frizzy hair and how much chocolate is too much chocolate (there’s never enough chocolate, obvi.)? Come on now.

I do think that Sephora has a major issue on their hands.

They’ve enticed customers for the last week or so with 2x/3x/4x the points on all purchases, giving people false hope of the attainability of these pretty amazing rewards. Now, via social media outrage, people are “threatening” to stop shopping at Sephora and move their business to Nordstrom and Ulta. Furthermore, this incident (and the previous one just like it) is just bad business. Don’t ploy the public with these rewards if you aren’t actually going to give them out. They would have been better off to not offer the rewards and we’d have been none the wiser. I’d be curious to know how many rewards there actually were…

I’ll wait to see how Sephora handles this little PR storm and make my future makeup buys based off the actions they take in the next week or so. I’m a great Sephora customer (living that shameful VIB Rouge life) but I will definitely show my emotions through the glory that is consumerism and purchasing power. Hallelujer

What do you think about this #EPICfail?

How should Sephora remedy the situation?

Have you lost faith in Sephora?



17 thoughts on “Sephora Epic Rewards = Epic Fail

  1. Lol, “like battling frizzy hair” haha. There were people saying they stayed up all night refreshing the page?? Wtf. I mean, I like makeup, but seriously? I’ll still shop there, I’m not gonna lie. Would have been nice to get one of those rewards though. I save my points because I always hope something like this will come along!

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    • Yeah, I’m hoping for something better the next time around. They’ve got to step it up or they really will post a serious customer base…

      Frizzy hair is a pretty serious situation. At least to me… (What world piece?! Ha. I jest.) #firstworldproblems


  2. I think it is a huge PR fail… I think they are trying to just start off Q3 strong with hyping up points and then a “reward” with an immediate second purchase. Why not just push 2x, 3x, and 4x more throughout the year with consistent high quality 500 and 1000 point perks?

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    • Yeah, I think they’re going to have to reward everyone with a little something… People are pisssssssssed. I hope their PR team is super creative to fix this kind of snafu…. 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻


  3. This was a very sly and successful marketing ploy by Sephora. I’ve been a VIB for years, and the rewards offered have been steadily declining in recent years. Ulta has a much better loyalty program. With Ulta you can redeem your points in the form of dollars off your purchase. It sure beats accruing points at Sephora that you will never redeem!

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  4. I don’t think it’s quite fair to put down people being upset. Obviously there are bigger things in life, such as paying your bills and surviving in this horrid economy, but there are many people saying “come on, now” like you’ve said and just putting down others right to be very upset at this situation. Yes, “it’s just makeup” but for those of us it is something we are very passionate about and is a major source of happiness.

    It’s not at all about the rewards selling out so fast, but rather consumers going out to spend soooo much money for the rewards and therefore feeling quite scammed at this happening. I also don’t sit on the edge of my seat for Sephora rewards, I don’t think most people do since the rewards have been really horrible as of late. So, the major reason for hysterics and being upset is because of the feeling of being scammed by Sephora. For myself I only waited 4 hours by the computer tracking twitter and refreshing my page, and it was within seconds, not even minutes, that the rewards sold out. Therefore I was very upset and could barely handle my disappointment and frustration. Sephora really baited us all with this, and I actually returned a large portion of what I bought because I was so upset. I doubt Sephora will even acknowledge this happening, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I’m also a VIB Rouge.


  5. Totally agree with what Laura said about Ulta. Their rewards used to be abysmal – like a house brand eyeliner. Now you can use the $ off on ANYTHING which is super nice since their coupons don’t include prestige brands. I also like the exclusive to Ulta brands like ckone makeup & Japonesque better than Sephora’s. Everyone raves about Kat Von D but I don’t get it.

    Sephora needs to change to a $$ off instead of “perfume samples we are trying to ditch” system. If epic rewards are kept, make it a lottery, not give people hope that we can all get a trip to France.


    • Maybe with this whole fiasco they will change/overhaul their entire system?!? That would be nice. I have a feeling they’ll be working on something big since this blew up in their faces…


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