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Treat Yo Self (Haul)

treat yo self haul 1

I’m a firm believer of retail therapy. (Medical therapy as well but that’s another story for another time.) Over the last few months while things have been blah, I decided to partake in some serious retail therapy and to…



I placed a couple of orders during the last Sephora VIB sale in April and one order from Sorry it’s taken so long to post – life happened. You may be asking, why two orders? First of all, who else was completely underwhelmed by Sephora’s 15% off offering? So many brands and other companies offered at least 20% off around the same time which is exactly why I placed a second order with Sephora is my mothership but ordering from has always been a pleasure (especially with their phenomenal gifts with purchase/freebies).

Usually, I’m a makeup slore (think about it) but I even surprised myself with the skin care heavy haul this time around. Let’s get to it:

treat yo self haul

Sunday Riley skin care

//Skin Care//

Philsophy Purity Made Simple – Staple cleanser. Loves it.

Clarisonic Cashmere Brush Head My new obsession and what made me finally fall in love with my Clarisonic.

Sunday Riley Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil – Everyone and their mother has been going bat shit crazy over Sunday Riley. Josh Collier convinced me to try the brand so I picked this up since it is the cheapest item in the range. Unfortunately, the lemon scent is knock-you-down strong so I returned this immediately. I just couldn’t handle it.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment – The verdict is still out on this high-priced serum…

Caudalie Moisture Essentials Set – Sephora isn’t currently selling this kit anymore so I’m glad I got it when I did. I’m obsessed with the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet and I’ve always wanted to try the Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum and Grape Water mist. I love everything about this kit. Ahhh-mazing.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – See above. I just love Caudalie.

Embryolisse Lair-Creme Concentre – I’ve heard many (mostly European) makeup artists tout this stuff for years and now that Sephora stocks this “miraculous” moisturizer I decided to give it a whirl. No definitive opinion yet but I will say that my tube was nearly half empty. I hate, hate paying for air. I paid $28 for 2.54 ounces of product and I expect 2.54 ounces of product. Ugh. (Rant over.)


Formula X The Match Clix – I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but I’ve said it on Instagram: I’m OBSESSED with Formula X. The formula (pardon the pun) is outstanding and I simply can’t get over it.   This little (and I mean very, very tiny) kit was $16 and much smaller than I anticipated. Once I opened my shipment I knew I would be returning this. It just wasn’t worth the price to me. I still whole-heartedly recommend this line just not this specific product.


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red Allana made me do it. Although she didn’t have to push too hard because I’m already obsessed with these smudge-proof, budge-proof lip pencils. This shade is a little less intense than Cruella, my first love, but still absolutely beautiful. In fact, I wore it at work today and got a zillion compliments. Just sayin’.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – I’ve had many, many sample sizes of this mascara and I ADORE it. In fact, I ordered a sample with this order. But when I finally took the plunge and order the real (full-sized) thing it’s terrible. I honestly don’t know what happened. It makes my lashes so thick (life goal, obviously) and gorgeous but I noticed on the days when I would wear this that it kept flaking off into my eyes and I was miserable all day long. Thankfully, I easily returned it to (who, again, was a joy to work with). This was so unfortunate though.

Benefit Roller Lash – Yet another product that’s been super hyped about lately (err…over-press sampled) and was a disappointment to me. I was hoping a new rock star mascara but it just didn’t blow me away $24 worth. I’ll just stick with my dream mascara – Benefit They’re Real.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer – Sadly, this was too dark for me even in the lightest shade. #palegirlprobs

Urban Decay Primer Potion – I decided to go back to this awesome eye primer and don’t regret it a bit. It’s just that good.

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil in CIA – I’m down to the nub on TWO of these pencils. If that doesn’t convince you, it’s wonderful for covering stubborn acne.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – HOLY MOLY. I’m clearly going to have to update my ‘Pale Girl Problems: Concealer‘ post to include this bad boy. I’ve never been so impressed by a concealer. The color range is phenomenal and the coverage is unbelievable for such a light consistency. Kudos to Urban Decay for a knock-out product!

Sephora Collection Breakups to Makeup Bag – It’s just too darn cute. How could I resist?

I would cry but my makeup is designer

How do you TREAT YO SELF?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

treat yo self parks and recreation


12 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self (Haul)

  1. Wh-whaaaaat. I’m just seeing this now and I have some musings. First of all Caudalie? Love. I have the face/hair/body oil and it’s one of the most amazing 3-1 products I’ve ever come across. Also – girrrrl I had a feeling UD Naked is everything. I need to try this concealer you speak of. The foundation was mind blowing as well. Also in agreement with the UD primer. Those busy bees at UD know what they’re doing and they know how to get you hooked. Wow. Life changing. At least life changing for my eye shadows. Last but not least – I walk by that cheeky little (not so much) makeup bag every time I’m in the purchase lane. So perfect. Love everything. Want everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gah Caudalie. I can’t even. So French I love it. You have got to get the UD concealer. It will blow your mind. I got the lightest one and it’s perfect. Even a little bit lighter than my skin tone which NEVER happens. #winning. I don’t know if you pay much attention to Ipsy (can you get a subscription in Canada?) but they gave out these bags last month and for the first time since I cancelled my subscription I was beyond pissed. I think I’ll buy all the bags. Also, have you seen the Crazy Haute (I think?) bags on Instagram?!?! They’re even better. I’ll tag you. 🙂


  2. I kept trying to comment on my phone yesterday, BUT GEEZ, it refused to work. So here I am again. I’m so glad I read this because I’ve been really curious about the Artemis Oil and the Good Genes. I’m curious as to what your final thoughts on Good Genes will be! I tried their Juno Oil and thought it was just ok, but I didn’t think it did anything amazing to my skin for the price. I know we’ve talked about the Luna Oil and so far I’m really enjoying that. I am glad to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t love the Roller Lash mascara! it didn’t really do anything for my lashes. Sadly…
    Also, that Clinique foundation was in my cart and since I’m pretty pale, I’m wondering if it’s going to work out for me OR I should just splurge on the Kevyn Aucoin or ByTerry products I was keeping my eye out for…
    I am going to look into that concealer because I purchased a MUFE and I hate it!!


    • Okay, so much to say!

      Good Genes is still an iffy one. I just can’t decide if it’s worth the price…But I am definitely going to buy a large size of the Luna Oil!!!

      Clinique was wayyyy too dark, but I think you’re darker than me (most everyone is) so it might work. BUT if it’s between Kevyn Aucoin and that shiz, definitely KEVIN! Seriously, why is this even a question. The Sculpting Powder will change your life – I’m not even kidding. It’s in my top 3 makeup products EVER. Stop, drop and roll right over to Nordstrom NOW and buy you some. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. GO.


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