Burberry Beauty Eyeshadows

Burberry Eyeshadow 2

A few months ago, the heavens parted and the angels sang to me about buying Burberry eyeshadows. I’ve wondered about these $29 a pop single eyeshadows ($60 for the quads) for a while but I’ve never been intrigued enough to pay that price tag for ONE eyeshadow. Then ttsandra (#girlcrush) just had to post the most beautiful MOTD pictures and WellTaylered let us all know about an amazing gift with purchaseI’m all about the gifts with purchase. And that was that.


Burberry Eyeshadow 1Burberry Eyeshadow 3 Burberry Eyeshadow 4Burberry Eyeshadow 5  Burberry Eyeshadow 7Nude, Rosewood, Mulberry, Pale Barley

Plum Pink

Burberry Eyeshadow 8Burberry GWP 1

In my opinion, the Burberry eyeshadows are ultra luxe. The heavy packaging has the traditional Burberry pattern – it’s simply gorgeous. The silky smooth formula is amazing too. ‘Nude’ was the only one of the shadows in the ‘glow’ formula; the rest (Plum Pink, Mulberry, Rosewood and the much hyped Pale Barley) are in the ‘silk’ formula. I don’t really know (or care) about the formula difference, but I can tell you that Nude is my favorite. HANDS DOWN. It is possibly the most  beautiful eyeshadow that I own.


The gift with purchase was…okay. Very nice by GWP standards, but it didn’t blow me away. My favorite is the beige bag with the Burberry imprint quickly followed by the red nail polish. I’m not a fan of the lip gloss because it’s heavily scented like eau de old lady. Yum. 


In summary, after using these shadows for a couple of months, Burberry eyeshadows are beautiful. There are not any groundbreaking shades (except for ‘Nude’) but I wouldn’t expect anything crazy from Burberry. It’s a pretty neutral brand but with phenomenal quality and the esthetics suit me just fine. Is Pale Barley worth all the hype it receives? No, I don’t think so, but it’s a nice shade nevertheless (as are the rest). But if I could only recommend one item to you it would absolutely be ‘Nude’. I think this is a shade everyone should own and it’s worth every. single. penny. 

Burberry Eyeshadow 6

Do you own any Burberry Beauty products? Is it worth the price?

Let me know in the comments below!

Swatches from far more qualified photographers: Beauty Look Book // Temptalia // Temptalia – ‘Nude’ review


6 thoughts on “Burberry Beauty Eyeshadows

  1. Have you found that these shadows transfer? I have a quad (same on I think!) and I have to use a primer and setting spray to keep it from moving around. The colors are stunning though!

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    • Well, I use an eye primer every day so I’m not sure if they transfer on their own. I also love layering these shadows on each other as well as over a paint pot/ color tattoo. So with all of that I don’t experience any transfer. I’m all about the overkill. I’ll definitely keep an eye on thing this summer and report back if anything changes! How bad is the transfer for you? Do you have nude?!?! AMAZE. Really.


      • I have Nude Blush I think… I’ve tried it with a MAC Paint Pot or the Urban Decay primer follows by MAC Fix+ and it still moves. It moved slightly less with the UD though.

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  2. Wooww so beautiful! Can never have enough neturals! I think getting one of the quads would be a better bang for the buck. Can’t wait to save up for one in the future!

    Just followed you on twitter and instagram, would love if you check out my blog too!


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