Makeup Storage Transformation

Transformation is a pretty powerful word when discussing something as “everyday” as makeup, but when you love makeup as much as I do IT IS POWERFUL :).

I’ve talked once before about makeup storage inspiration and one (very short-lived) makeup on a tray moment. Other than this one-off experience, I’ve kept my makeup in varying types of acrylic drawers/boxes. I’m kinda a one-trick pony when it comes to that preference – ha. But I still have a burning desire to own The Clear Cube…Worth it? HALLLP.

Let’s look at the transformation thru the ages, shall we?

Muji Drawers makeup

The Muji Drawers

It all started with my beloved Muji drawers. Well, it actually all started in a very small makeup bag for 21 years but then quickly progressed to the Muji drawers when I discovered YouTube and finally figured out how to do my makeup…

The Muji drawers are an affordable and sturdy solution that I ordered online (or you can visit the store in New York). This is a pretty common storage solution in the blog/vlog beauty community. I totally gave into the hype and don’t regret it a bit. The only thing I don’t love is that the  drawers are very shallow and therefore not everything will fit in them. I finally bought two pieces (in addition to the two I already had) with deeper drawers and the set-up was perfect.  Huge but perfect.

Le Creuset platter makeup

The Le Creuset Platter

But like anything, I grew a bit tired of all the Muji drawers chock full of makeup options. It became a bit overwhelming on a day-to-day basis so I took drastic measures and went the minimalist route. This Le Creuset platter is one of my very favorite kitchen tools so why not use it with my makeup? It was beautiful but ultimately not as helpful as I hoped it would be. Full experienced chronicled in this previous blog post.

Ikea Serving Platter for Makeup 2

Ikea Serving Platter for Makeup 3     Ikea Kvittera Serving Platter

Around this time last year, I was planning to move and knew I wanted a new makeup set-up. I found all sorts of inspiration and settled on a three-tiered cupcake display. Well, that’s what I consider it’s purpose :). This bad boy is from Ikea and is very inexpensive! It’s adorable and I love the height it adds to my dresser. Ultimately this didn’t work out for me either because the size, shape, curve and metal rod down the middle is not conducive to storing one’s makeup in an orderly fashion. Super cute though.

Ikea Serving Platter for Makeup Caboodles

Makeup Caboodles 1

Makeup Caboodles 2

Caboodles Clear Acrylic Counter Tray

Then I saw Tayler’s (from WellTaylered) Instagram post showing a plastic tray from Target that looked PERFECT. I bet you’ll never guess the brand… CABOODLES. I shit you not. The brand that made (still makes?) those boxy, bright acrylic cases from our childhood has grown up with us and makes these lovely, clear acrylic storage solutions. The space for makeup on my dresser is a bit peculiar (deep and width, not length) but this tray fits it perfectly. Plus, it’s nice to store my makeup standing not stacked – does that make sense?


I hope you’ve enjoyed a look through my makeup storage phases. My makeup is still currently stored in the Caboodles tray but not for long…I’ve ordered something new and exciting and I can’t wait to share :):):) Any guesses?

How do you store your makeup?

Do you change it up as much as I do or am I a crazy person?


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