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I have approximately 4802034 draft posts (somewhat) ready to go, but I’d rather have a little chatty moment. Kay? Time to break-up the makeup talk, shall we?

Let’s get the hard/sad stuff out-of-the-way first.

If you follow me on Instagram (or IRL) you probably know things have been a lil…shitty…lately. My family experienced recent tragedy/heartbreak and it’s pretty awful. There’s just no other way around it. But, we are a close family and come from a line of very strong, brave women so we will all make it. Eventually.

Due to said event, my mom and I have been traveling to Tennessee every weekend (and sometimes during the week) for the past few months and it’s definitely taken a toll. The weekend before last we “asked off” and it was glorious. The down-time was so, so needed. That Saturday, some friends and I trekked to the outlets where, of course, I bought some new goodies.


Who can go wrong with Cole Haan leopard wedges and a mint green Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. bag?!?! No one. That’s who. This is also my most liked post on Instagram EVAH. Boom.

In addition to all the emotions swirling about, I got a new job/promotion causing even more emotions of the stressed/anxiety form. Therefore, to combat both, I decided to TREAT YO (MY) SELF. The natural cure-all is shopping of course. You can expect quite a few haul posts in the near future. Just to give you an idea…SpehroaBrubrerySheorpaCuoolrPopSoeprha…All coming to your inbox very soon. Get excited.

Sephora Colour Pop Burberry Haul Preview

I’m also planning a BIG present to myself. Every time I’ve changed jobs, I’ve told myself that I would buy a really nice handbag. I have great purses already, but I’m talking about one that I buy for myself…just because. But it’s never happened. I’m not sure why but I’ve always stopped myself before the big transaction. I think now is the time, but I need YOUR help!

Handbag or The Clear Cube?

You know I’ve lusted after The Clear Cube FOREVER but I don’t really have the space right now. (Remember, I’m working with 650 sq. feet here…) Plus, it looks like the online store may be down? Say whaaaa?!?! So now I’m leaning towards a nice, new bag. I’m thinking a Louis would be a nice addition but it’s a little…expected? Not exciting? (Gasp)…Basic? No, no, I dare not say the word. Either way, help a sistah out, would ya? I want to keep it around the $1,000 mark so suggest away!

“But don’t get crazy.” 

I may get the opportunity to buy said “reward” in New York City when I visit later this month. Weeeee! But mostly I’m just really hoping to run into my favorite film maker/vlogger of all time, Casey Neistat. Could he please adopt or employ me? He recently started daily vlogging and, of course, his vlogs take it to the next level.  Watch below and see what I mean.


Here are some other amazing things that I can’t help but share:

How do you best deal with those pesky emotions?  How do YOU treat yo self? Handbag or Clear Cube?


Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Emotions & Promotions

  1. Well , I have not been active on the blog for past over a month.. Just got a full time jobs and that leaves me little time for kids and family .. Hence blogging is riding on the back seat .. But I hope the tough times for you get over quick .. I love your purchases


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