Sephora Birthday Love from Nars & Ulta Birthday Gift?

HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES. The 2015 Sephora birthday gift will legit make you lose your mind (and/or panties).

Sephora 2015 birthday gift Nars

I’m sure you’ve already heard but, if not, I’m about to make your day. Having a birthday in January means I get the birthday gifts early from our favorite makeup mecca. And this year’s present is THE BEST YET.

Behold the beauty of a pair of Nars’ beloved lip pencils.

Years past the free gifts have included a Philosophy shower gel, Fresh lip products, Benefit face products, etc. But, in my opinion, I think the Nars gift blows the others out of the water.

For simply giving Sephora your email address, you’ll be the proud new mother to a mini Velvet Matte Pencil in Cruella (hallelujah), a mini Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien and, if you’re a VIB member, a mini Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner. I obviously adore Cruella; Rikugien is kinda blah; eyeliner is always nice. It’s just lovely to see a gift not made up of the cast-offs of a brand but rather some of Nars’ star students. Bravo Nars.

I’m sure you’re thinking, BREAKING NEWS, GILLIAN (err, not), but I got to thinking… What happened to Ulta’s birthday gift? Remember last year when I was estastic pleased to learn Ulta was jumping on the birthday gift bandwagon with a full-sized Calvin Klein mascara? Well this year I received zero notifications of an Ulta gift despite being a platinum member (something I’m not exactly proud of). In fact, I thought they gave up on the program entirely until I googled and found this flyer image claiming that birthday girls (or guys – sheesh) would receive an Ulta eyeshadow quint valued around $12. Womp, womp. Such a let-down. Furthermore, there’s barely any press on the “gift” displaying the public’s clear enthusiasm on the matter. I’m being facetious, obviously.

Maybe Ulta will step up their game and offer a better gift during the later months of 2015 but that would be slightly unjust so I highly doubt that will happen. Per the usual, Sephora wins the makeup mecca battle yet again.

What say you about Sephora & Ulta’s birthday gifts?

PS – I am a VIB member (y’all know I meet that spending requirement) but I received the gift pictured in-store. Once I recovered from the shock of the Nars’ awesomeness, I realized I got the wrong gift. NBD but why not ask about it? So, in my next online order I called the lovely Sephora customer service, informed them of the gift mishap and they promptly added a VIB gift to my order. AKA I now have two mini Cruellas running around and life is beautiful.


48 thoughts on “Sephora Birthday Love from Nars & Ulta Birthday Gift?

    • BAHAHAHA. SO TRUE. Pretty certain I used it twice… thrice? Maybe? That’s probably being generous. It was still a nice attempt at a full-sized product, which I would LOVE from Sephora, but they’re killing it with the minis so I’m beyond satisfied.

      It’s kind of like, “Dang, Ulta, if you’re going to do something DO IT WELL.”

      I love your candor, Laura. That was hilarious.

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    • Ditto. I actually forgot about last year’s MUFE kit because it was kinda lack luster (especially with that blah lipstick). They gave me the first gift in-store in December, so maybe you could even get it a month early? Towards the end of the month maybe?

      Enjoy, Judy!

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  1. This whole birthday gift thing is new to me, and I’m pretty sure they only do it in the US and not here. AARRRGGGHHH!

    But enjoy your gifts!! I’m a bit jealous but okay 😛


    • NO WAY! That makes no sense – especially since Sephora is a French company! Many companies do participate in special deals for customers on their birthdays so maybe it’s a cultural thing? Maybe you could call customer service and inquire? It’s too good of a gift to not at least ask 🙂


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! The NARS gift is fantastic! I mean, I have some long waiting to do before I get this, but at least this year I’ll be looking forward to the gift. Some years haven’t been so great.


  3. I couldn’t agree more. I too am an Ulta platinum rewards member and never received anything about my birthday gift this year. After calling 3 times someone was nice enough to send it over to me and when I finally received it I was rather disappointed. I honestly thought they sent me the gift for regular reward members and not for platinum members. Also if I remember correctly from last year I also got a 20% coupon for my birthday, this year there was no coupon. I’m totally disappointed. The Sephora Nars gift however was awesome and I barely shop there maybe I need to make the switch.


  4. I just got an email from Ulta telling me that I will be getting another email with a coupon for a free Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Voodoo (sparkly purple). I think it’s sample sized but I’m excited. Last year I got a sample sized Smashbox Full Exposure mascara, I think. Not sure why you’re getting different things from them. I’m not a big spender (just hit 100 pts after a couple years).

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  5. I Love Sephora! But honestly in my opinion the birthday gift is crap I’m a VIB rouge and that’s what a get 😦 I think there should at least be a few choices if it’s cosmetics
    I don’t love Ulta like a love Sephora But feel much more appreciation there when it comes to my bday….yes you get some cosmetic gift whatever But they give you 2x points for the whole month of your bday and that equals money returned + they give you $10 to buy whatever you want all this plus you need to spend 60% less a year to qualify for Platinum verse VIB Rouge

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    • All very good points! I do wish the VIB Rouge gift was a step-up though 💁🏻 I do like Ulta’s new reward system but I’m a little bit confused about the exchange rate. I like the simplicity of Sephora’s program and I think they have some nicer rewards coming soon…

      Also, I somehow missed out on the $10 thing. That does up the ante😉

      And I definitely agree about the spending threshold!!!

      Very good points indeed!👍👍👍


      • I have shopped at Sephora a couple of times, and it really hasn’t been great. I was disappointed with their gift last year. Also, when I ordered online with them, I did not receive any samples. I know it sounds petty, but I have returned to buy many of the samples I receive. Sephora’s customer service was of no help. Ulta’s rewards program is much better, and they explain it pretty well on their website. I am glad that I came across your article. The birthday gift from Sephora is not my style, solo it’s good to know not to waste my time. But, that goes back to the saying “you can’t please everybody”. I prefer $10 to spend on whatever I want instead of a $10 lip set I won’t use. The CK mascara last year was nice. I liked it, my friend loved it. And earning more points for your birthday? That is just more free money. Them, you spend those points on ANYTHING in the store, instead of select mini items. For me, Ulta has Sephora beat hands down for their customer appreciation.

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  6. ULTA was actually doing something different and new this year. They broke a year up by four (into 3 month segments) and each group is receiving a different gift. Jan-Mar received the ULTA eyeshadow mini faux palette (which my friend got, disappointing). Apr-Jun received a mini UD eyeliner in Tattoo (sparkly purple) a step up from eye shadows. I don’t know if they’ve released the next two gifts for Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec. Honestly it’s hard to please everyone and I think the freebie birthday loot is still spectacular in general. Great review!


    • I saw that mini UD eyeliner and was so jealous! Not really though because I would probably never wear that color…

      I’ll take anything for free on my birthday! 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


    • I didn’t want the eye quad. Sparkly eyeshadow? Chinese-made sparkly eyeshadow? Not even for free. They’ll probably go back to offering the Jan-Mar birthdays mini mascara again and then have something really cool for Apr-Jun. So jealous of you Taurus babies. 😉


      • DUDE agreed!!! I was actually pleasantly surprised/happy with the mini mascara though. Definitely better than that crappy eyeshadow quad!

        I’m an aquarius 🙂


  7. My birthday is in January and I received an eyeshadow palette from ulta in 2015. I also received a full sized lipgloss from bareminerals by signing up for fab.


  8. My birthday is in March. The NARS pencils from Sephora are excellent, but Ulta? Every year it’s mascara – which I don’t use, my lashes are naturally dark – or that cheap glittery Chinese-import store-brand eyeshadow. Then that one year April got a purple UD eyeliner (!!!) and they wouldn’t give me one even though they knew I never took the March gift. This year it’s mascara again, and watch the gift for April be something actually good.
    (Aside from that, I’ve enjoyed Ulta; the local store is nice and the online customer service has been tops.)


      • I was thinking more of the online customer service. Actually I like Sephora and Ulta both. Any local store depends on who’s working there, I guess. I’ve encountered one, count ’em, one clerk at my local Ulta who kept offering me things I’d said I wasn’t looking for and didn’t want (sparkly eyeshadow, this means you) – haven’t seen salesclerks that desperately clueless since I was a kid – but the rest have all been cool. My main gripes with Ulta right now are being out of/no longer stocking products I like, and my local store doesn’t have Lipstick Queen. I’m sure I’ll be griping about next March’s birthday freebie though. 😉


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