26 Life Lessons on My 26th Birthday

Happy Birthday Vodkaimage credit

Vodka’s my favorite. Obviously.

Well, hello. Today is my 26th birthday.

Growing up, I loved my (small) claim to fame of sharing my birthday with Justin Timberlake. Holla. Now Olivia Pope (a la Kerry Washington) and I share this glorious day, so it’s handled. I digress.

Last year I shared 25 Life Lessons on My 25th Birthday after my girl crush/spirit animal Jen (from the sadly discontinued blog Sips of Jen and Tonic) posted her awesome list the year before. Mine went over fairly well, so here I am dosing out some more sage (HA) wisdom/advice/thoughts from my 26 years of life…


1 – Just do it/say “YES” more!

2 – Life is short and time is precious.

3 – People you love will choose to make their own mistakes. Let them do so and be there for them afterwards.

4 – Netflix is the greatest thing ever.

5 – People are constantly telling you who they are, you just have to listen. A famous quote by someone, sources conflict on exactly who. Also, Jen included this on her list and it’s too good not to repeat.

6 – Buy less stuff.


7 – A nice pair of heels is worth the money. Invest.

8 – Skip the bullshit and get real.

Fool me onceimage credit

9 – Choose wisely when you give people second chances.

10 – Figure out your finances NOW.

11 – A weekly cry is good for the soul. Parenthood is was my outlet.

12 – Find your perfect red lip or bad ass makeup combo and make it your bitch.

13 – Also, find your kick ass interview outfit and keep it pressed and ready to go at all times. You just never know…

14 – Don’t forget to play like a man in the office. Play hard, ladies.

15 – Learn to ask for help when you need it. Furthermore, asking for help does not make you weak.

Jim Carrey Typingimage credit

16 – Sleep on it before you send that emotionally fueled reply email. Just wait. ^HA^

17 – View every positive situation or time of difficulty as an opportunity to learn from it and change your life.

18 – Someone is always watching. Don’t forget it.

19 – “Women are always looking to the past while men are always looking forward.” I read this in an Economist article (or somewhere) last summer and it had a profound effect on me. Women, stop looking over your shoulder, holding onto regrets and instead face the future head-on.

20 – Always write a thank you note. Always.

21 – Never apologize for making a decision you stand by whole-heartedly.

22 – The only opinions that matter in life are from the people who matter to you. Screw everyone else.

23 – Open up to people and you’ll find out you’re not alone on whatever journey you’re struggling with.

24 – Find something you are really, really good at and keep those skills sharp. You never know when you may need it.

25 – Everyone goes through a funk now and then. Learn to recognize the signs and get out of that pattern, asap.

26 – The “Fuck Yes!” doctrine is pretty damn cool. I want to live my life and make decisions with this notion always in mind.

Oh Yea Emma Stone Easy Aimage credit 

 What life lessons did you learn this year? Do you agree or disagree with any of mine? What would you list instead?


12 thoughts on “26 Life Lessons on My 26th Birthday

  1. Happy Bday! Enjoy the vodka lol. I really enjoyed this list and agree with all of them. 27 is sneaking up on me and I haven’t mastered ALL of these, but we’re getting close 🙂


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