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New Year’s Eve Lingerie: How Your Panties Could Make (or Break) 2015

In case you missed my post last year, I’ll refresh everyone’s memory about the New Year’s Eve Lingerie Tradition!

Apparently, Brazilians (love them) believe that one has the ability to steer the outcome of your year by wearing a certain color undergarment on New Year’s Eve. Maybe “wishful thinking” would be a  more appropriate term, but I’ll do anything to help my chances for a successful new year!

Here’s a quick break down of what each color panty means for the new year:

Red – Love. Passion (for people or life).

Orange – Happiness. Joy.

Yellow – Money. Wealth. Courage.

Green – Hope. Harmony. Balance. New beginnings.

Blue – Maturity. Rest. Peace of mind. Protection.

Purple – Power.

Pink – Romance. Emotion (in life and relationships).

Brown – Security.

Gray – Uncertainty. It’s neutral and not suggested to wear.

White – Peace. Wisdom.

Other important information:

  1. The panties must be NEW. After all, a new year calls for new panties! (I forgot to add this tidbit last year – sorry!)
  1. Only wear solid color panties – no multi-colored ones! Trying to outsmart the system will cause BAD JUJU! No bueno. 
  1. Sadly, it’s notable that (my favorite panty color), BLACK, is not listed. I couldn’t get a straight answer on this from my Brazilian friend, Juli. Maybe it means doom and gloom? Who knows but I certainly don’t want to bring bad things upon myself so I’ll avoid it on this very impressionable night.

Good luck everyone! I haven’t decided for sure yet, but I’ll probably be wearing pink, blue or white. I wish you (and your color-coordinated panties) the very best for 2015!

What color will you be wearing on New Year’s Eve? Have you heard of/participated in  this tradition before? What other New Year’s traditions do you participate in? Let me know in the comments below!

[read last year’s original post HERE]


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