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Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List 2014

Yes, I’m an adult and totally have a Christmas Wish List. Except my ‘Dear Santa’ lists have evolved to emailing my parents what I want every year. I legit send pictures from stores and direct links with smiley face emoticons to hope they pick up on the hints. Ya know, Santa could use some help from time to time. This year I not so subtly hinted at…

Alex & Ani bracelets

I know these have been popular for quite a while, but I never hopped on the bandwagon. In the past, I’ve bought jewelry as soon as a trend starts but I’ve been trying to be better and only purchase classic pieces that I truly love. While I don’t think these bracelets are going to be timeless or classic, I’m still in love with them nearly a year later after first seeing them so that’s a good sign.

Chanel iPhone case

Yet another thing I’ve been drooling over for quite a while. I’ve been debating on the color I want for the Chanel nail polish bottle and I finally settled on black for a more sleek look. Plus, it will totally be eye-catching from the bottom of my purse…

Chanel lipsticks in ‘Boy’ and ‘Pirate’

I saw this recent post from Carina where she introduced me to Chanel ‘Boy’ and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  GAHHHH, I’m gonna need this lipstick in my life pronto. This new love is in addition to a long time lust for Chanel’s ‘Pirate’ which is the most gorgeous true red I’ve ever seen. Necessary? Of course! I mean…no. But isn’t that what Christmas gifts are all about?

Tieks or Tory Burch flats

I adore my black Tory Burch Reva Ballerina flats and have worn them nearly to death over the past two years. Seriously, the best shoe investment ever. But my Revas are a little lonely so I want to add a new pair of tan children to the mix. I would love another Tory Burch pair or I may branch out to the ever-hyped Tieks. Those teal heals are gorge.

A fully stocked bar cart

I’m so swept up into the bar cart craze it’s not even funny. I have the perfect spot for one in my new place so obviously that justifies the purchase. This means a bar cart styling post in the future…! And obviously this request means not just the bar cart, but a fully stocked one at that. 😉


My list is a bit tamer this year because I’m kinda over “stuff” and have no room to add more in my tiny, new home. Furthermore, I’m (sadly) an adult now, and really want a vacuum, but I can’t really add a picture of a vacuum to this cute assortment of stuff. True story.

So what’s on your Christmas Wish List for this holiday season?

Are you pining after fun and frivolous or functional? 


18 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List

  1. Haha I love that you want a vacuum cleaner too! We must be practical as well as pretty 😉 I thought I could survive without one when I moved out this year but was very much mistaken! Hair EVERYWHERE. Anyway, those lipsticks look fabulous and I love the bar cart you’ve picked out! Hope you get what you want for Christmas 🙂 xx


    • Being a big girl is no fun, right?! Haha 🙂 I feel ya on the hair front. My hair is so dark and so long it’s a constant battle!

      I’m so pumped for the bar cart. I know for sure that will be a new addition to my home come December 25th because I got an email response of “Ordered!” – LOL. Santa is so instant nowadays, isn’t he?

      Merry (early) Christmas, Stephanie!


  2. Those Chanel lipsticks tho. I once went to a department store with my hubs because I wanted to check out the Chanel counter & he asked one lady where the “Channel” counter was. She was like uhhhh Chanel? I looked down in shame and went back to live my poor life lol!


    • I know, right? If I could have everything in that classy, black Chanel packaging I would!

      LOLOLOL at that story! That seriously cracks me up! It reminds me of that awful movie with Jesse from Saved by the Bell (Elizabeth Berkeley maybe?) where she asks about “Ver-sace” – AH! Hahaha!


  3. I love my Tieks! The only issue I had was that they gave my blisters on the back of my ankle at first, so I wore them with socks around the house to loosen the leather. Now, they fit absolutely perfectly and I am totally satisfied with one pair of ballet flats in my life.


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