‘Finish Five by Fall’ Project is Complete!

YAY! I’m all done with the “Finish Five by Fall” project that I set out to do in August. So how do you think I fared…?

Finished with Five by Fall Finale

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation PrimerEmpty

Great primer, but the slippery silicone feel is not my favorite. I probably won’t repurchase (because I’ve determined that the Make Up For Ever HD primer is my favorite), but it was very easy to use up and does a good job as a primer.

Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup FoundationEmpty

Ugh, I HATE this foundation. I honestly don’t know how or why I bought and used this stuff. Poor coverage and short lasting power (of the already blah coverage) is not a great combination. Plus there was always a sparkly residue on my hand afterward?! Why and how?!?!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner – Lil’ bit left and will finish

For some reason, I haven’t been wearing eyeliner very often…? Maybe I’m just going through a phase… I really do like this eyeliner though and will attempt to finish it!

Benefit They’re Real MascaraEmpty

Of course I’m still in love with this bad boy that calls for compliments like none other. The only thing I noticed (that I never have before) was how much of a pain it was to take off! I would find myself picking at my lashes in bed at night because I never got all the mascara off. Annoying feature but still SO worth it.

Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick – Lil’ bit left and giving it away

Hmmm… I’m not sure how I feel about this lipstick. I do know that I love the packaging (who doesn’t love mini Dior?!) but the color is not my favorite. I like a very vibrant, more matte lipstick formula and this is sheer and glossy. I may see if one of my friends wants this because I doubt I will use it up. Real life frans, who wants it???

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – Lil’ bit left and don’t care

Lemme set the scene for my feelings on this product: The first week of this project I set this “lip perfector” on my desk at work to try and use it every chance I could. A co-worker walked in, saw it and immediately stated, “Ohmygosh, I hate that stuff.” Thankfully I had already come to the same conclusion (otherwise I would probably have been offended). The smell is sickeningly sweet and the gloss itself rubs off before you can finish putting it on. The feeling is a weird one – almost a sensation of chapped lips which who wants that?! This was a no-no-never for me which is so sad because I LOVE Clarins. But every company has some “miss” products every now and then.


So I didn’t “finish five by fall” but I learned a lot about these products and streamlined my makeup even more. Whoop! Glad to get some junk stuff outta here!

Did you do a “Finish Five by Fall” challenge? How did you fare? Are there any other upcoming challenges or project pans that I need to know about?  Have you tried any of the products I finished (or tried to)? How do you feel about them? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “‘Finish Five by Fall’ Project is Complete!

  1. This should be a goal for me. Make myself finish five products before I can buy anything else! PS-Your posts and tweets are some of my favorite! You are hysterical!!


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