Oh, hello there… an update

Hiya. Long time no see!

I’m a firm believer that no blogger/vlogger should ever have to apologize or explain blog/vlog breaks. I just don’t think it’s necessary. But since I’ve had some interesting things going on, I figured I would share rather than “explain.”

Big news – I moved! I’m the proud new tenant of a tiny condo in Atlanta. To give you an idea of the condo’s size, when visiting my step mother proclaimed, “Well, you’ll have to entertain your guests in shifts.” Probably true. But I still love it.

Moving Boxes Stuff

But the stuff. All of the stuff. It’s a bit overwhelming. Major purging session in progress (which is actually quite cleansing). I shall keep you updated.

I also lived “without” internet for nearly two weeks (I have it on my phone, but I don’t use that to watch YouTube or read blogs – I have a system, okay?). This lack of distraction allowed me to start and finish some good, new books. Have y’all read any of these?

Moving Books Recent loves

I finally got an internet connection late last week, and I’ve been binge watching my YouTube subscriptions like cray. One of my favorites has to be this sweet “announcement” video (shocker it’s by my fave YT filmmaker):

On a not so positive note…

  • I also started a new semester at school (it’s gonna be a biatch) and a new position at work (ditto).
  • Still don’t have a washer or dryer after repeated delivery snafus. Imma bout to cut a bitch over this.
  • Planning for my grandparents’ 60th anniversary party is kinda stressful, and I can’t wait until this party is OVAH.
  • I’m flat broke which means I’m NOT BUYING ANY MAKEUP. OMG. #thestruggleisreal
  • FedEx lost a $400 package of makeup I sent to my fran Lindley. I documented the lovely process on Twittah.

  • My mom is cleaning out and selling our house. MY HOME. So weird. So sad. Also, so much stuff.
  • I only had three minor (major) breakdowns/panic attacks last week due to all of the above. YAY.
  • I’m also just a wee (not so wee) bit hormonal. Ya feel?

Understandably so, I’ve been a little bit absent from the blog. Hopefully these past two hellish fun-filled weeks are not an indicator of the rest of the year and blog programming will be back to normal in the near future.

Holla. I’m back, bitches.

How you doin’?


43 thoughts on “Oh, hello there… an update

  1. Hello lovely, I can totally relate. I’m still in the process of sorting myself out. I’m excited for you and your new ventures . Hope you’ve been well otherwise. I haven’t made the leap back into blogging yet but will do when things return to some kind of normality. Sending you a big hug! You did good girl! xx

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    • WELL HELLO! Glad to know you’re alive! Did the search party I sent reach you? Haha 🙂

      Moving is always such a pain. I still have things in boxes and it looks like a tornado went through a few spots – oops… How is your move going? Enjoying your new locale?

      Glad to see you on here, even if not fully back! Come back to us!



      • Haha, well hello to you too Missy. I’ve missed our banter 🙂

        Thanks for the search party. They couldn’t find me in amongst the sea of mess I’m currently living in. The other half gets back on the weekend (from a work trip) so I’m willing to share the ‘pleasure’ of unpacking. New locale is amazing. We’re right across from the beach – how I missed it. There is something comforting about being close to water, perhaps it has something to do with being a water sign 🙂

        Glad you are back too. Can’t wait to catch up on your posts that I missed 🙂 I saw a Space.NK haul but am saving it for when I’m relaxed and having a cuppa. I’ll probably need to get my notepad and pen out too…. your hauls are always drool worthy 🙂

        I’ll be back soon. Till then take care gorgeous girl!



      • Across from the beach?!?! JEALOUS. Love, love. And I don’t blame you one bit about sharing unpacking duties. Almost two weeks in and I’m still not done. What a pain!

        Good luck (and come back soon)!!!


  2. Sounds like your life is on the up and up for the most part. Don’t worry about the small space- my favorite apartment was a small little shoebox. Looking back, I didn’t have a ton of stuff, but I wasn’t missing anything either. More space = more junk.

    Also, I’ve read “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” and “5 Love Languages” and really enjoyed both! I think both are essential reading, and the lessons in each can be applied to more areas than what they’re originally intended for.

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    • Such a good reminder to focus on the positive things and stop sweating the small stuff. Thanks for that!

      I’m actually happy to down-size! My last apartment was 3x the size of this one and allowed me to collect such unnecessary crap. Less space is more in this instance.

      What about mo’ money = mo’ problems? I think that one is false personally. I would gladly take mo money… haha.

      LOVE both of those books! I appreciate “girl power” (I hate that I just said that phrase) business books and 5 Love Languages has changed the way I communicate with everyone. I’ve recommended it to at least 10 people. Seems like we may have the same taste in books – any recommendations? I would love to know!


      • I just finished reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, and really liked it. It isn’t so much a “how to” guide as it is the story of her career, and her unconventional path to success. A business lesson book without being too business-y.

        Any recommendations for me?


      • Yes, yes. I’ve heard lots and lots about it but promised myself I wouldn’t buy it until I finish Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. It’s still sitting on my shelf…

        As far as business books, I’m obsessed with everything Patrick Lencioni and “Women Don’t Ask” changed my life. It’s all about the fact that women don’t negotiate very well when it comes to salary which costs us big time in the long run. GET IT NOW. I promise it will inspire you 🙂


  3. Sorry about the loss package. It is kind of surprising for them not to respond. I mean, not replying to complaints on social media is kind of lousy.


  4. I bet that in a few weeks, when you’re all settled into the new place, you are going to be loving it! Once you get rid of some junk, find all of your beloved items their rightful new ‘homes’ you feel great! 🙂 I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and I’m so glad you filled us in on what’s been happening 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • I hope so!!!

      I really do love getting rid of my stuff. Purging “things” is one of my favorite things to do:)

      Yeah, girl! I don’t let y’all in on much, but I figured why not this time? Thanks for reading and following:)


  5. A small condo in Atlanta sounds fabulous to me!! Be proud of yourself, lol!! No internet, no washer and dryer and no money= hell!! LOL!!! But it will all work out! Congrats on your new place!!


  6. Congrats on your new place! When I first moved I had no cable or internet for like 3 weeks and felt naked lol. And I got a washer and dryer almost a year later haha. Had to go to my mom’s and wash there which I felt so weird about.


  7. I cleaned my house on Monday and got rid of a toooon of stuff (and that was only the upstairs. Just wait till I make it to the lower regions). It is definitely cleansing. Okay I’m distracted and want to go watch the Youtube video.


  8. Holla back, girl! Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find my way over here, considering we hang out in many of the same circles. You are hilarious. Looking forward to reading more.


      • Good luck with getting settled in the new place. I’m in the process of renovating two bathrooms and purging 14 years worth of shit so I can list my home. The idea is to take my profits from here and buy something cheaper – a fixer upper – which will likely also be smaller. I have a feeling I’ll be experiencing the anxiety of trying to cram too much stuff into too small a place very soon, too. 🙂


      • Thank you and good luck to you too!

        It’s so overwhelming and then I got to a point of just wanting to throw everything away (so I did) or just throwing it in a box. Now the real cleansing begins! 14 years of stuff will be fun I’m sure – ha!

        I really enjoy being in a smaller space (aka forced downsizing) and I’m sure you will too! YOU GOT THIS!!!


  9. Oh youse a holla back girl. I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled across these posts until now. I feel for you but that space is so freaking cute (not in a condescending manner). You can really personalize it and make it your own (not that I would know – I live at home). You know that’s how I fund my shopping trips. Anyway – I feel like I should be sending you sympathy makeup. xo


    • Yeah, girl, where you been? It’s mostly done now and I’m SO IN LOVE with the space. It’s small, but it’s almost nice that way (notice the almost). The closet space leaves a lil something to be desired. // I don’t blame you one bit! Save that money! // Sympathy makeup/money/food would happily be accepted. I’m actually going to a Nordstrom event this weekend and I’m sooooo tempted… eekkk.


      • Yeah, girl, yeah. I got a facial there last week and they said it’s a skin care event too. They’ll be doing mini facials and peels FO FREE with a makeup application afterwards to cover up the hot mess they just created. YEP. I’m there.


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