High-End Regrets

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Here’s the thing about high-end products: if I shell out the big bucks, I want a big pay-off. Doesn’t this make sense? Higher cost = higher quality? Sadly, I sometimes feel like “mo’ money = mo’ problems.” There are three high-end makeup products in my collection that are so disappointing to me. This doesn’t mean that they’re not great for everyone, they’re just not great for me (sadly).

high end regrets color

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze in Ritual

This veined bronzer is beautiful; there’s no denying that. That’s mostly why I bought it (because people were just raving about its beauty). But it’s honestly WAY too dark for me and sparkly. Bleh. I hate shimmer in face products. I’ve legit used it once, but looked at it a million times. This is my ultimate example of buying something because of the hype and regretting it later. Mea culpa. 

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Grege 

Dior packaging makes me just swoon. This eyeshadow quint was my first Dior purchase and I had such high hopes (again, the price tag expectations). Although this color combo is a great one, sadly the eyeshadows have very little payoff color wise.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres in Prelude

This eyeshadow quad is the only piece of Chanel makeup I own (I think…). My beef with this sleek compact is pretty much the same as the Dior eyeshadows – too little payoff for the price. If I’m paying $93784 for a makeup product, regardless of brand, I expect it to be glorious. Although maybe I should view this as a good thing? I have a tendency to (unintentionally) pack on the color  and regret the look later.

What are some of your high-end regrets? Do you own and love/hate any of the products I discussed? Let me know in the comments!


22 thoughts on “High-End Regrets

  1. Tell me about it, I hate when I spend way too much on a beauty product that ends up making me break out or drying my skin out way too much. Oh, do you know anything abt Vain Pursuits? I’ve started hearing a lot abt them, I think they’re similar to Ipsy but for skincare products?


  2. The Chanel quad in Prelude is my absolute favorite eyeshadow! I always stock up when there’s a good GWP code at Nordstrom. My biggest regret is probably Guerlain’s Jewel Lipstick Compact. To-die-for packaging, but just average lipstick


    • To each their own I guess. I’m going to try and focus on both of these eyeshadow palettes much more to REALLY get my money’s worth!

      Gah, Guerlain. Gorgeous but ridiculously expensive! I think the only Guerlain lipstick I would ever get is the one close to my name, Gilian 🙂


  3. That is the WORST!!! I bought a Chanel eyeliner a few months ago… Used it once and hated it!!! Went right back to using my Revlon. Funny how these purchases turn out sometimes. We all have had those experiences! Anyway – Great post girly Xo! ❤


  4. Aw, that’s sad! I hate wasting good money!! I will say that its not a total regret, but the Bobbi Brown L’wren Scott palette shadows do not have the color payoff I had hoped but the blushes are great.


  5. HAHA!!! I have used several Chanel products and some were hits and some were misses. Nothing makes me more upset than when I fork over a lot of money and the product is a total miss. Sometimes, I think we make fool ourselves into thinking that if we spend a lot of money, that they will be that much better, but that isn’t always the way it works out!


  6. Dude that is heartbreaking. Especially with the LM bronzer. Did you get the highlighter yet? I know you use Hourglass which is just as luxe. But I feel you on the disappointment sitch. Thank the Gods for Sephora’s return policy.


    • I bought that sample set with the LM highlighter per your recommendation. I blame that entire purchase on you. I really do like that highlighter and use it almost everyday. I’m trying (really hard) to not buy a full size one until I finish the sample. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes…

      PTL for Sephora’s return policy. It’s a beautiful thing.


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