Makeup Storage Inspiration

Gorgeous makeup storage drawer

Every so often, I like to change things up with my makeup storage. But now that I’m moving in two weeks I’m really thinking about some changes to my storage system from Muji.

Currently, I have 4 clear drawer sets and place similar products in the same drawer so I have a few options to choose from each day. Plus, this encourages me to showcase and use my “prettier” (aka ridiculously more expensive) makeup (Dior, Chanel, etc) which I use  more infrequently than everything else. And since my dream makeup storage of a Clear Cube is not even a viable option right now, I’ll have to make do with a more affordable option.

But lately with the streamlining of my life and stuff, I want something different.

Somedays, I want something simple where just a few products are placed on my dresser and only one of each item. Then I can switch around the products I want to use each week or month. But, I already tried this and it was not the most efficient set-up for me. Yet I’m still drawn to this simplicity and pretty adornment to my dresser/vanity. Here are a few inspiration photos I’ve been admiring lately from Pinterest to try and figure out exactly what I want…

clear makeup storage drawer

Gorgeous makeup storage tier

This one stores perfume, but you get the idea

Diptyque candle makeup brush holder

I love the re-purposing of these Diptyque candles.

Gorgeous makeup storage mirrored tray

Fancy makeup storage solution

Fancy makeup storage solution brush holder

bathroom makeup storage solution

I think this three tiered piece might be my favorite. I wish I could find it in silver or a fancier clear one which would be perfect. I also LOVE the “candy jar” of lipgloss. So cute.
Anyways, these are just some options I’m considering. Once I decide and execute I will definitely show an updated makeup storage and organization post.
How do you store your makeup? Do you keep everything out in the open or just what you use most frequently? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Makeup Storage Inspiration

  1. I have most of my makeup hidden in drawers since I like my “working space” (aka vanity) a little less cluttered but these ideas look lovely to be honest! The lipgloss jar is adorable! ❤️


  2. I bought some bookshelves from Target that I use as storage! I like that they’re roomy and I can decorate and personalize each shelve and put my everyday makeup on top. Best part was that they were only $70 bucks!


  3. Storing makeup is seriously crazy ridiculous. I want it to be pretty, but I also need a lot of storage. I’m still working on the perfect set up. I feel that I probably have a lot more than the average woman, but I rotate my makeup. Some I keep on my desk from time to time, and others are just put in drawers until I want to use them. The problem with that, is that sometime I forget about what I have. So it’s almost like I have to end up taking inventory of what I have to use, before I put on my makeup every day. I don’t know, I wish I had the perfect answer for this! I actually have a tiered thing that I picked up from Ikea. It was clear and glass and super cheap! I keep some of my perfume on it and it works great!! Love the items that you pinned!!!


    • HAHA – I love the part about taking inventory! SO TRUE. When I get to the point of it being a hassle, I know it’s time to purge.

      Oh! This tiered, glass thing sounds interesting! It’s not that grey-ish thing in the last picture is it? That looks plastic to me, but it’s from Ikea and exactly what I want!!!

      Do you already have a makeup collection post? I would LOVE to see your stash!!!


    • Although I’m not nearly as in love with the Muji system as I once was, it was still a great buy! They help keep me so organized and somewhat help me to control the size of my collection. I would definitely recommend them if you can order them!!!


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