25 Things I’m Glad I Did/Didn’t Do By My 25th Birthday

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Ever since writing and posting 25 Life Lessons on My 25th Birthday six months ago, I’ve been thinking more about the actions and life events I’ve experienced. The things that explain how and why I learned those life lessons. Since you all seemed to really enjoy the birthday post I figured why not share those reasonings with you as well. Therefore, I present you a categorized list of the “25 Things I’m Glad I Did/Didn’t Do By My 25th Birthday…”

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Learned from an amazing boss – I didn’t know how good I had it at the time, but I had such an amazing boss at my first “real” job. Said boss was the perfect balance between leader and friend that I would give anything to have that back.

Experienced a bad boss – This makes ^said amazing boss^ that much better. We would never know the good from the bad if we didn’t experience the negative aspect. Plus, everyone has a boss/work horror story and I’ve got a great one million.

Changed jobs – I don’t mean this in the way of my generation’s frequent job hopping. I mean it in the sense that starting a new job is always an exciting experience and a big transition! It takes some guts to completely change your direction in life, and I’m glad that I took the plunge and did it.

Acted on big opportunities – Sometimes you have to act on opportunities that are presented to you that may not be the best or most convenient for others. You’ve got to look out for yourself and ultimately do what’s best for you.



Studied abroad – I am so glad I studied abroad during my undergraduate years. I recommend it for everyone. One of the greatest experiences one can have in college.

Started graduate school – I’ve always wanted an advanced degree so I figured, “why not go for it now?” Check, check.



Didn’t get knocked upDefinitely not ready to have kids.

Lost friends – Losing friends is tough but it happens. People are constantly “evolving” and moving which ultimately needs to some friendships not working out and that is okay.

Made new friends – I am beyond grateful for making new friends; it’s my most favorite thing to do. New friends mean new experiences!

Took a break from Facebook – I’m currently on a break from Facebook and I kinda dig it. I’m not sure how long this will last –  one year, two years, forever – but I plan to write about it once I go back or complete one of those major milestones. It’s honestly refreshing to not have Facebook. I recommend everyone take some sort of social media break.

Experienced heart-break – ‘Nuff said.

Didn’t get married – I’ve changed so much since graduating college at 22, that I can’t imagine what it would be like to be married now. I feel much more settled with myself and am, again, glad I did not make such an anchoring decision quite yet. The odds are I would be divorced now anyways…



Went to therapy – I learned a lot about my family, friends, former bosses and myself from going to therapy. As I mentioned before, I truly believe everyone should give therapy a try.

Found a new, enjoyable hobby – Once you finish college and start working, life can be a bit humdrum so starting hobbies is so important to continue personal growth.

Dyed my hair and got my nose pierced – Everyone needs a little rebellion, right? I dyed my hair purple/pink as a freshman in undergrad and pierced my nose this past December. Now that I’m back in school for a bit, I’m living out an itty bit of rebellion before going back to the suited-up, corporate world.

Learned to have difficult conversations – It’s just a fact of life that you will have to discuss difficult things with people. Whether it be discussing medical conditions with your insurance agent, talking about your #daddyissues with your shrink,  discussing the possibility of death with your loved ones or listening to employees’ excuses when firing them, you have to just buckle up and do it. I’m fairly certain conversations will only get harder as we age and have more responsibilities…

Didn’t tat it up – I have nothing against tattoos (in fact, I find them quite sexy), but I’m glad I didn’t permanently mark my body with something that would most likely not hold the same meaning to me now (or five/twenty/forty years from now).

leonardo dicaprio money


Saved and invested money – Thankfully, I was a good steward of my money during and after college so I can do exactly what I’m doing now – grad school. Once you take control of your spending and saving everything else seems to fall in place.

Bought a car – Another thing I’m glad I experienced, but never want to do again. I hate the slime ball, sleazy car salesmen who want to play hard ball with you for two days. I’m glad I did it though because next time I will know how to play the game and play it hard. So hard.

Made some financial mistakes – Lessons learned.

Didn’t get in debt – Debt is such a vicious cycle, one that many spend years and years trying to get out of. No thank you. I am anti debt.

Didn’t buy a house – Although I wish I had this equity in my back pocket, I’m happy I didn’t make this anchoring decision because it could potentially keep me in Atlanta when I’m planning to move after graduation…

too good to blog


Served on a jury – I’m glad I experienced jury duty to know just how much it sucks. Seriously, seriously awful. Furthermore, it destroyed my hope that all cops are like Detectives Elliot and Benson on Law & Order: SVU.

Learned how to do my makeup – This may sound shallow or silly, but knowing how to properly do your makeup is such an asset. Like it or not, there are quite a few studies that show women who wear makeup are considered more likable, competent and trustworthy.

Started a blog – Because blogging is its own community, camp and cult all rolled into one. I love my internet frans:).


What experiences or things are you glad you did/didn’t do at this point in your life? 


13 thoughts on “25 Things I’m Glad I Did/Didn’t Do By My 25th Birthday

    • DO IT. It’s always good to evaluate your life every so often. Why not do it narcissistically on the internet – ha. I’m also going to make a “dirty 30 list or 30 before 30” list as inspired by Carolyn at Chasing Paper Tigers. Join in on the fun, will ya?


  1. Got Married – I never thought I was one of those people that would care if I was married or not, but once I found THE ONE, there was no letting go. It makes me more than happy, every single day, to wake up next to the love of my life, and fall asleep in their arms. I achieved that the year I was 25, and wouldn’t change a thing!


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