Pretty in Pink

You know that feeling when you just “click” with someone? 

Libby  from splishsplasch is a fellow beauty blogger I connected with immediately, regardless of being a world away from one another. Libby’s clear, crisp images are GAH to-die-for and her taste is exquisite, bar none. I just adore this Aussie:) When considering guest bloggers for posts in July, Libby was at the top of my list. Despite being far more polished, established and having a much larger following, Libby graciously said “Yes” when I asked her to guest post and provided you with the gorgeous post below all about pink lipsticks. Enjoy!


A flash of colour on the lips is like icing on the cake and you can’t go wrong with a pretty pink lipstick. Not only is pink a timeless colour harmony it’s also (in my opinion) the most diverse of all the colour families. It has the power to brighten the face as well as make it appear more youthful. My favourite way to wear pink is to contrast the girliness with a touch of androgynous cool. A minimal base, defined brows and a little winged liner usually does the trick for me.

If the thought of picking out the perfect pink freaks you out have a good look at your undertone. You’ll either fall in the pink or yellow category, where pink is cool and yellow is warm. If you want to play it safe choose something that matches your undertone, but also consider your hair and eye colour. As general rule, choose warmer shades if you have yellow undertones and blue or purple shades if you have a pink undertone. Of course if you happen to have an olive skin tone you’re generally considered neutral and can pretty much get away with any shade (within reason of course).


When it comes to a statement pink nothing beats a bright fuchsia or deep berry shade. One of my favourites brights is the Bourjoise Rouge Edition Velvet in the shade 05 Ping Pong. The shade is both bright and daring and makes me feel a million bucks. Everybody needs a lippie with super powers and Ping Pong delivers every time I wear it. If you prefer something more berry toned try shade 02 Frambourjoise, also by Bourjois.


If you’ve got a penchant for luxe lippies you can’t go past a Chanel offering. Yes their pricey but you know what, you’re worth a little indulgence every now and then! My favourite Chanel pink is La Diva; I’m absolutely enamoured with this flirty shade. The blue base does wonders for my sallow complexion plus it’s very modern without looking garish. If you love this sort of shade but you’re opposed to spending ridiculous amounts of cash, opt for a more affordable option such as Maybelline Electric Fuchsia or Nyx Black Label Hot Pink. If on the other hand you love your luxe lipsticks but prefer a more hydrating formula consider trying a Rouge Coco Shine lipstick. My favourite shade is Monte Carlo. It has the signature Chanel fragrance, is super hydrating and is very dimensional in colour. On my lips it mimics a very bright juicy watermelon shade, which I find really fun and uplifting.


If brights just aren’t your cup of tea, opt for something smack bang in the middle. Mid-toned pinks are great for work or play. My favourite is actually a dual/multipurpose product by YSL called Kiss & Blush. The 2-in-1 product looks beautiful on the cheeks as it does on the lips and it’s perfect if you want to go matchy-matchy. At the time of purchase, I ummed and ahhed over the different pinks in this range but I finally decided on 03 Rose Libre. It’s a safe neutral shade that potentially suits all skin tones because it is neither warm nor cool toned. On my lips it’s quite natural, making it perfect for any occasion. If you’re after a more purse friendly option try Maybelline Colour Sensational in Pink Me Up or NYX Matte Lipstick in Audrey.

If time is of the essence or the thought of choosing a pink lipstick is giving you a headache go hit up a MAC counter. Expect to find lots of pretty shades in all sorts of finishes, plus a MAC MUA is on call to help if you’re still struggling. One of my favourite pinks from MAC is Lustering. It’s what I turn to when I want something subtle but still appropriate for everyday wear. It injects just the right amount of colour but isn’t loud, making it a safe option for work. It does lean warm on me, but given I have an olive skin tone I get away with it. If your cool toned you may prefer Pink Nouveau.


Of course there are days when I just don’t want to wear a traditional lipstick at all. On these occasions I turn to my sheer lipsticks or tinted lip balms. My favourite drugstore balm is Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the shade Honey. Honey is a sweet neutral colour that has rose pink undertones and compliments my pigmented lips beautifully. It’s a great shade if your after that ‘my lips but better’ option. It’s a fairly neutral shade meaning it doesn’t compete with the rest of my makeup plus it looks great with a smokey eye. Because of it’s sheer nature it doesn’t completely cover up my natural lip colour, which makes it look more natural and wearable plus it has the added benefit of hydrating my lips as well.


So there you have it; a quick round up of how to pick a pink lippie and my personal favourite shades and formulas. If you’re new to pink lipsticks or have steered clear for some absurd reason, my advice is to get out there and start swatching. Lipsticks are meant to be fun and with a sea of pretty pinks in all sorts of formulas and finishes, you’re bound to find a shade that ticks all your boxes.

What are some of your favourite pink shades and is there a particular pink you want to try next? Please share in the comments below.



Hi, I’m Libby from splishsplasch. I’m a graphic designer by day and artist & daydreamer by night. When I’m not doodling I like blogging, usually about my unhealthy obsession with beauty products and fashion. My annoyingly low attention span means I also like to mix things up, so you never know what might pop up in my posts.

I’m thrilled to be here!

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17 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

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  3. WOW! I think my wallet just ran and tried to hide! I think I need about everyone of those lip products. Pink is to my go-to color because it’s just flattering on everyone, if it’s the right shade. It’s my everyday color. Let’s talk about her photography skills. Holy crap. AMAZING!!!!


    • I know, right? If you don’t already follow Libby, you really should. Although your wallet will straight up run away after reading her posts and recommendations for such lovely (aka high end) products:)

      Pink is so gorgeous and I really want to become more comfortable wearing it. Red is more of my thang – I strive to be Snow White.


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