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A Cosmopolitan Beauty Intern’s Guide to Manhattan

I’m SO excited that Kate from High Voltage is writing this week’s guest post!

Let me tell you about the coolest chick ever, okay? Okay. This doll is spending her summer living working in Cosmopolitan’s beauty closet. I DIE. Anyways, after connecting through a mutual friend, I instantly fell in love with Kate’s wit, style and personality. Watch out for this girl because Kate is going places, y’all! Her Daenerys Targaryen hair even made its debut in Cosmopolitan recently!

Today, Kate is graciously sharing her favorite NYC hotspots and they are BANGIN’…

A Cosmopolitan Beauty Intern's Guide to Manhattan

Hey Trippy readers!

I’m Kate Foster, one half of the duo of High Voltage fame (having a couple hundred YouTube subscribers means I’m basically Kim K. now, right? Cool, just checking). I’ve been absolutely dying to create a guide to my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan – with a beauty twist, of course.

A little background, first: last summer I interned at one of my favorite women’s magazines, Marie Claire. I’ve always dreamed of working in magazines, and accepted the internship in their beauty department without a clue that I’d soon be falling head over heels for all things lipstick, serum, and hairspray. Fast forward a year and I’m now in the beauty closet at Cosmopolitan, feeding my addiction yet again.

The beauty products and newly inked pages have been fantastic – and both incredibly aromatic – but in the meantime, I’ve gotten to explore and know deeply the city of New York. Next time you’re in town, check out my neighborhood favorites, from bars and restaurants to museums and vintage shops, and, of course, the best beauty locales.

 Upper East Side

The poshest neighborhood of them all, the streets east of Central Park are home to some of the tastiest desserts and most highly regarded museums.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

If you’re a scent hoarder like me, you’ve got to hit up this by-way-of-London boutique. My favorite fragrance? Peony & Blush Suede.


The Guggenheim

Between my two summers here, I’ve seen works by James Turrell, Vasily Kandinsky, and a number of Italian Futurists. Art buffs: need I say more? Plus, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building is a piece of art in itself.



I’m freely admitting my horrible taste in television here, so you know this place is good: I feel like Serena van der Woodsen every time I enter my beloved Ladurée. Try out their rosé and caramel macaroons, and you won’t even care that they’re $2.50 a pop.


Home to Hearst Tower, Times Square, and the Empire State building, Midtown is packed with businesspeople and fun-seekers alike.



Psssst! Magazine editors ADORE this Rachel Zoe-founded gem. And blow dry bars? So New York. Try out a multitude of blow dry styles, and be amazed as your blowout lasts for days and days.

Hudson Hotel

Hudson Hotel

This place is too chic for words: we’re talking sparkling chandeliers, light-up chairs, and a sky terrace. Stay a night or just come by for a couple unique drinks with your girlfriends. Oh, and DO NOT leave without trying the french toast grilled cheese. You can thank me later.

Central Park Bike Rentals

Central Park Bike Rentals

I know it sounds cheesy, but there is no better way to see Central Park – and the city, for that matter – than on a bike. My boyfriend and I rented a tandem bike in Columbus Circle and will forever cherish the memories of our ride.

Chelsea/Meatpacking District

This area is my favorite in all of New York, and for good reason: it has some of the best bars, vintage shopping, and parks (hello, High Line!) in the city.

New London Pharmacy

New London Pharmacy

Tired of your Neutrogena, Olay, and Jergens? Pop on over to this British pharmacy to find hundreds of brands from overseas. You’re welcome!

Shareen Vintage

Shareen Vintage

Wanna strip naked in front of a bunch of strangers and try on some of the most gorgeous gowns you’ll ever see? Don’t worry, only women are allowed in this superstar spot. And don’t forget to peruse their $3 and under bins for some fun, cheap pieces!

Bar Nana

Bar Naná

Any bar that’s stacked with books is a keeper in my eyes. The décor is inspired by France and South America, and the drinks? To die for. The Naná Colada is a classic.

East Village/Lower East Side

Ahh, as the location of my first city apartment, this neighborhood feels like home to me. It’s also impossibly artsy, young, and bustling. Get your paint (or protest!) on here.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

No matter how many shades of Lip Tars I try, I can’t seem to find one I don’t like. Stop by to pick up a few, or even just to stare at the rainbow of bottles and pots lining the walls.



If I’m gonna be bothered to slap some jewelry on myself, it damn well better be interesting. Enter Verameat, where you can purchase necklaces with gilded brains on them and rings bedazzled with puppies all in one place.

Max Brenner

Max Brenner Chocolate

Have you ever daydreamed about being surrounded by chocolate on all sides? Me too. Visit Max Brenner, where pipes filled with chocolate hang over your head and you can order everything from dessert pizzas to chocolate fondue – and even dinner, if you please!


South of Houston is too cool for words, with some of the hippest stores and most customizable beauty products around

Bite Lip Lab

Bite Lip Lab

If you’re into beauty, by now you’re obsessed with Bite. But did you ever dream they’d come out with a shade perfect for you and only you? I walked in and requested the brightest purple they could craft, and to put it shortly: it’s flawless.

Baked by Melissa Cupcakes

Baked By Melissa Cupcakes

Hallelujah! You no longer have to feel embarrassed about eating five cupcakes in one sitting. These adorable minis come in a multitude of drool-worthy flavors that you can sample at will. My favorite flavor? PB & J.



Okay, so this place offers a ton of cool stuff for your home, body, etc., but let me just hone in on my favorite thing here: their colored pens. As an art history major, I seriously geek out over this gorgeous, wonderfully flowing ink. Bringing some back to school with me at the end of the summer is at the top of my checklist.

Have you visited any of these places? What are some of your favorite Manhattan destinations? Let me know, and be sure to visit Miranda and me on!


Kate Foster
Kate Foster is a hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated titles: writer. Blogger. Beauty and fashion junkie. Cat devotee. Art history buff. Harry Potter nerd. Cheesy 90’s television fan. Sometimes-gamer. Seasonal sculptor. Music enthusiast. After graduating from The University of Georgia with degrees in Journalism and Art History, Kate aspires to move to New York City. There, she hopes to continue to write. She also plans on pretending to understand the art at MoMA and stuffing her face with cronuts and one dollar pizza. Kate’s heroes range from Oscar de la Renta and Mindy Kaling to Ernest Hemingway and Rupert Giles. She practically inhales iced coffee on a daily basis. Her favorite color is yellow, and like Buddy the Elf, she considers candy a major food group. She has dreams almost every night involving the coolest architecture and interior design, and has no idea what it means. Seriously, what does that mean?!
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  2. What a cool guest post! Next time I’m in New York, I plan on checking out the New London Pharmacy and Laduree. 🙂


    • Kate’s the coolest! I feel like I’ve done NYC all wrong and can’t wait to go back and visit all these places!!! ESPECIALLY that New London Pharmacy. Fingers crossed for some Bioderma and Avene:)


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