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Makeup I Want To Try (…but am too poor to do so…) – Part 2

Makeup I Want to Try Part 2

Yet another list of makeup brands I’m dying to try but have held back due to the price. I will probably purchase these items sooner rather than later 🙂

Tom Ford’s makeup is a thing of beauty. So is he but that’s another story. Through the many YouTubers I watch, I’ve learned all about his bronzer, cream eyeshadow, and amazing eyeshadow quads. Plus, I hear his brushes are some of the best around. I find it pretty impressive that a modern fashion designer can venture into a makeup brand so well but Tom Ford, and now Marc Jacobs, have done it very well.

Oh, Burberry, can everything I own please be cased in your gorgeous and iconic check? I’ve loved Burberry forever and yet I own not a thing from them. I’m determined that the next time I visit London, I will buy a Burberry item of some kind – either a trench or scarf. I hope they bury me in Burberry. Anyways, the Burberry makeup packaging makes me swoon – especially the magnetized closures/lids. So clever! Also, the hype around those gorgeous eyeshadows is about to kill me. Must. Have. NOW.


I’ve mostly heard the hype about Cle de Peau’s earth-shattering concealer that costs the same as the GDP of a medium-sized country. One day I will know the magical powers of this concealer, but until then I will continue to hold it on a pedestal next to my beloved $4 drugstore concealer. Also, their jewel shaped eyeshadows are absolutely stunning.


This is somewhat of a cheat since I do have a YSL Rouge Pur Couture (Glossy Stain), but that is certainly not enough. Every single thing that YSL makes has the most gorgeous packaging. I cannot handle it. I hardly wear lipstick, but I’m dying to get my hands on one of those Glossy Balms or Rouge Voluptes. If I did have all these YSL beauties, I would probably set them along my vanity and never use them – *too pretty to use* – which defeats the purpose entirely. Le sigh. 

I’m sure there’s plenty of other makeup I want to try, but is out of my price range… I just don’t know about it yet. Fingers crossed for a winning lottery ticket.

If you didn’t already, check out Part 1 of my wish list.

Are we pining over any of the same brands? What’s on your makeup wish list?


12 thoughts on “Makeup I Want To Try (…but am too poor to do so…) – Part 2

  1. I am sharing in your lust for the new Tom Ford collection. My heart literally palpitates when I walk by it. Both because of the price, and the aura surrounding it. PS – I did just purchase my first YSL lipstick (I shall post soon…) Um, I feel like if my lips are behaving badly, that they should be punished and will only be allowed to wear this on special occasions. Amazing.


  2. So many things to love here. I feel your pain. How unbelievably swoon worthy is the Burberry packing. So chic and sexy. Can I even say that about packaging? I think I just did 🙂


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