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Makeup I Want To Try (…but am too poor to do so…) – Part 1

Makeup I Want to Try Part 1

Ahhh, the allure of break-the-bank makeup. All makeup is beautiful in one way or another, but throw in gorgeous, gold packaging with a fancy, sliding clasp? Totally suckered in. Now that my bank account is literally weeping every time I buy a $4 Quiznos sandwich meal (thanks grad school), I’m more tempted than ever by luxurious makeup. So, rather than maxing out my credit cards, I will instead make this wish list. “Santa, can you hear me?”

Guerlain is somewhat of a cheat because I do own a pot of the meteorites, and they are quite lovely in their silvery, colorful tin. I love the name (so French & fancy), the packaging and their ads are to die for. Although I’m not an expert (obviously), I feel like Guerlain really does it right. If their price is anything to go by, they certainly better.


  • The Terracotta Healthy Glow Powder from the 2013 “Crazy” holiday collection is simply beautiful. It seems to have the perfect amount of pink to add some great dimension.
  • Any Guerlain bronzer although I’m about 300% certain they’re all too dark for this pale girl.
  • Guerlain lipstick in “Gilian.” It’s almost my name so of course I want it. Plus the fancy bullet packaging with the engraving is just “gaahhhh!” You know what I’m sayin?!?!

I’m not dying over any Aerin product in particular, so can we just discuss that sleek gold packaging?! I love sleek packaging. Plus, all Aerin packaging is within the same color family and I appreciate that aesthetically. Speaking of family, Aerin Lauder is literally part of the Estee Lauder family (Estee Lauder’s granddaughter to be precise) and powerhouses like that make great makeup. I almost feel like Aerin is the young and fresh face to Estee Lauder’s more classic, established (erm older) following.

I’m tempted to make an order with Selfridges and pay the ridiculous £25 shipping cost just to get my hands on these beauties.  I am BEYOND impressed with the Charlotte Tilbury line. Truly, every item she releases is absolutely gorgeous (product and packaging).


  • The Bar of Gold has had me pining for months. In my opinion, this may be the most beautiful makeup product on the planet. I would buy it and frame it.
  • Also, The Powder Sculpt Brush looks like a fantastic contour or even highlighter brush. Plus the handle has an interesting shape to it, and I really appreciate small details like that.
  • The Filmstar Bronze & Glow. No. Words. Necessary.

Like Aerin, I’m not pining over any one particular item from Chantecaille (just everything). I’m intrigued by their animal/nature themed eyeshadow collections, but phew at that price I will continue to remain intrigued! Plus, one of my favorite YouTubers, Lorraine Stanick, uses their products and she uses GREAT makeup. I truly appreciate the craftsmanship that I KNOW goes into each and every product from this line. Everything looks so luxurious.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

What makeup brands are you loving (but not loving the price tag)?


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