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Sephora Called. I Hauled.


Remember that time I said I wouldn’t show any more hauls because I was ashamed of how big that last one was? Welp, I have no shame.

During my little blogging break in April, Sephora had one of their store-wide sales that I definitely took advantage of. In fact, they had a “special” event one Sunday morning where VIBs could come in early before the store opened for a private shopping experience, breakfast, and a small gift bag. Quite honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed by the gift or event itself, but it was nice to have an emptier store to clean out:).


I took the opportunity to pick up a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst. I previously picked it up, but exchanged it for a darker shade. I’ve regretted the trade ever since, so I repurchased it and truly love this one swipe eye look.

I also wanted to know what all the hype was about with the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly. After using it for a couple of months, I’m not obsessed with it to place it with my top concealers but it’s definitely a nice concealer.

I ordered the Illamasqua Skin Base Lift in white to replace my Illamasqua liquid  foundation mixer/additive that expired. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how small it was so I ended up exchanging this tiny thing for the larger Foundation Compact shown a few images below.

Finally, I heard so much about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl that I bought it while I could get the 15% off. This stuff is GORGEOUS. I just mix in a tiny dab in the areas I want highlighted underneath my foundation and VOILA my skin is a thing of beauty. Lisa Eldridge (bow down, bitches) uses this product all the time and I simply follow her lead. I definitely want to try more Becca products when the next Sephora sale rolls around.


I also picked up a pack of the super soft Shiseido Facial Cotton to use with my eye makeup remover and toner. Although one pack is around the $10 mark, I love it and think the high quality is worth the extra few bucks over a regular bag of cotton balls.

I’ve had a few samples of the GlamGlow Masks and quite liked them especially the Supermud Clearing Treatment. These thick, mud-looking masks harden like none other leaving your skin looking brand new. I’m still having heart palpitations thinking about the price ($69!) which is exactly why I purchased it on sale. I won’t go as far to say it is worth the exorbitant price but it is effective.

Next, I just had to get my hands on the gorgeous Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes in Dim Infusion and Mood Exposure. I never thought the coral shade of Dim Infusion would work on me (I prefer more of a light pink blush), but after many rave reviews I decided to give it a try. Mood Exposure reminds me a lot of my favorite NARS blush, Sin, although it is slightly less pink/purple. Love them both. Another home run for Hourglass!


Last, but certainly not least, I placed an online order that is COMPLETELY Jennifer’s (from Jennifer in the Sky With Diamonds) fault. She talks about the Laura Mercier highlighting powder ‘s magical powers all the damn time so when an amazing Laura Mercier Sephora 500 point perk including said magical powder came available, I made an order just for the kit alone. Honestly. The only things I kept from the five piece set was the Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlighter 01 and  Flawless Face Polish (which I adore); everything else I gave to friends. And guess what? Jennifer was so right; this powder is a gorgeous highlighter and I foresee using up every bit of this generous sample. Go ahead and mosey on over run to Jennifer’s blog because she is ridiculously hilarious and (unlike me) knows how to dress herself and dishes out great fashion inspiration. Just do it. 

Speaking of reward perks, I also picked up a mini tube of the BEST mascara ever, Benefit’s They’re Real, for a mere 100 points. Worth every point. I also got an amazing 3 piece sample set of Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Peel. I’ve never tried a peel before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but this formula was gentle enough for my sensitive skin and made it baby smooth. Fantastic sample – much better than a perfume sample tube or foil packet moisturizer.


Now on to the only two things I purchased in this order: The Too Faced Sexy Lashes and Lips Duo and Illamasqua White Cream Foundation. The Too Faced kit was only $10 and I was – shockingly – running low on mascara. The Better Than Sex Mascara is, in fact, not better than sex but a pretty great mascara if you get past the clumpy issue. I’d never tried the Lip Injection Gloss and HOLY MOLY this stuff works. Almost to the point of pain… I slapped some on my bare lips one day and 5 minutes later vigorously washed it off. I thought my stinging and instantly swollen lips were going to fall off and die. If you have some seriously thin lips, desperately need the volume, and a high pain tolerance – go for it. Otherwise, I would skip out on this one. It’s some intense stuff.

I’m in love with the Illamasqua White Cream Foundation as a foundation mix-in to match my pale, pale skin. I used to use the Illamasqua white liquid foundation, but mine turned a bit yellow… Eww. Beware: the compact is fairly large as well as the scent is sickly sweet. The scent is almost overpowering, but then again I’m pretty sensitive to smell. On the other hand, I love the consistency of the cream foundation rather than the MAC Face & Body white foundation which tends to water down the consistency of other foundations when used as a mix-in.


I’m over the moon for pretty much everything I bought. Sephora is a place of beauty:)
So this is what my credit card statement looked like. How about yours? Do you love any of these same products?

21 thoughts on “Sephora Called. I Hauled.

  1. goddamn girl, you did haul! I’ve heard about the becca skin perfector and love the idea of it going under the foundation- very interesting. I have their finishing powder that has the shimmer effect but of course it goes on top. I might have to give that one a try! also, love that concealer by nars. and finally that lip injection stuff is no joke! i’ve never had a cosmetic item hurt so bad!! anyway, loved your post and am excited what looks you come up with using your new products!


    • You know it!

      GAH. Becca. My new love. I already have the powder shimmering skin thingie in my cart at Is that the same thing as the finishing powder or is that something new I need to look into as well?

      I’m still on the fence about the concealer… What am I missing?

      HOLY MOTHER. I thought the Too Faced stuff was going to be a joke, but YOWZA it wasn’t. Maybe I should hand it off to someone I don’t like?!:)


  2. Damn it girl! I love your Hauls. I’m at work so can’t read your post but I’m loving your pics and everything you picked up (except maybe the mini They’re Real Mascara – lets not talk about that, lol :p.


    • HAHA – I guess it’s just not for everyone:) But I sure do love it!

      Why thank you. And a compliment on my pictures coming from you? WHOA. Day made!

      The funny thing is… I selectively choose what to show and what not to. If I actually showed everything I buy… there would probably be an intervention… OH WELL!


  3. I can die happy now. I’m not kidding. Did I tell you or did I effing tell you?! Amazing highlighting qualities no?! Okay yes. You’ve made that clear, but I really had to emphasize how excited I am for your purchases. Also, a few little ramblings 1. Too Faced set is so thrifty. Must have. 2. Better Than Sex is so legit and doll like, yet I totally understand the clump issue, I use a comb to go through it sometimes. 3. I have to purchase that Becca Skin Perfecter (Is it a liquid highlighter??) 4. Do explain what the Illamasqua base is 5. This is twinning at it’s finest. Although, I just finished reading a James Patterson novel on the twinning of two sexually perverse mass murders, so I mean I guess they twinned pretty hard, I mean I wouldn’t want to take it to that kind of extent, but you get the level I’m talking about.


    • Yes, thank you for your sage advice. I need that kind of devotion to get me out of my makeup rut and discover new products!

      If you get the Too Faced set, just be careful. That junk is like snake venom on your lips!

      Yes, the Becca product is a liquid highlighter. It’s amazeballs. Like gorgeousness in a bottle.

      That Illamasqua base is just a pure white foundation for pale white girls like me, Casper (love your nickname). I mix it with normal foundations to get the proper color for me!

      TWINS FO LIFE. I’m fine with a crazy-level of twinning… actually, no. But that’s interesting. What was the book?


  4. Ahh I went to Sephora the other day and convinved myself to get all these things that I probably didn’t even need lol. I’m dying to try the GlamGlow mask!


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