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5 Things I’m Loving Right Now – May 2014

Just a few of my favorite things lately. This one is pretty media heavy… enjoy!

1. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is a world traveler filmmaker who is BEYOND fascinating. I discovered him through Instagram (when Instagram was still displaying random accounts rather than the now targeted ones -eww- on their “discover” page) and was instantly intrigued. His Instagram images are gorgeous, creative, and best of all take you on a trip around the world. I was then led to his YouTube account (I love me some YouTube) and obsessively watched all of his short films. AMAZING. They pretty much speak for themselves (thankfully so because I’m not giving his talent any sort of justice).

My favorite video is above, although not filmed by Casey but rather is about him, is an inside look into his NYC work studio. Take a look and tell me you don’t appreciate that kind of functionality. Loves it. Some of my other favorites include a film for Nike “Make It Count”, a love “trip” for his then-girlfriend (now wife) “The Surprise in South Africa”, a cool promo for J. Crew’s new suit called “Travel With Style”, and a longer one that will make you cry over the clear love and devotion for his son Owen in “My Kid and Me” that was featured in The New York Times. Is there anything this guy cannot do?!

2. Reading (fo’ fun, not forced)


I’m currently enjoying a two-week break from classes and when I’m not shopping stocking up on sleep, I’m reading as much as I can. I LOVE to read. Truly, truly love reading. Before grad school, I would read every single night for an hour or two. But now with my late classes and not getting home until 11pm, more and more I find myself waking up at 3am with all the lights on, makeup all over my pillow, and fully clothed in my sorry attempt to read before bed but failing miserably at it. Blah.

Now I’m taking every opportunity I can to squeeze in some great books. I’m currently switching between Daniel Silva’s The English Girl, Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects, and John Green’s Looking for Alaska. I keep a rotation of different genres going at all times to suit my mood. Weird, but true. I’m building-up a pretty kick ass library.

3. Friends With Better Lives

Friends With Better Lives Series

Y’all. Check out your On Demand or set up your DVR  for 30 minutes on Monday nights; it will be the funniest 30 minutes of your week. I think it’s pretty funny, but apparently not everyone feels the same because the show was not renewed for a second season… Regardless, give it a try past the pilot episode. I’m in love with the modern-day SATC Samantha Jones-esque character Kate (Zoe Lister Jones). So sassy, single and fabulous. Plus, you get to see the grown-up Dawson Leery looking mighty fine.

4. Commercials by Netflix, VW, and Poo-Pourri

Netflix – This commercial is ridiculously true to life. I’m so in love with my Netflix account that I completely understand the devotion displayed in this commercial. Best $8 I spend every month, hands down.

VW – This genius commercial is actually a couple of years old, but has been showing up on my YouTube ads all the time lately. All of my commercials recently turned Spanish? Anyways, this ad doesn’t make me want a Volkswagen, but I certainly appreciate the commercial (not as much as the child Jedi one, but close).

Poo-Pourri – DEFINITELY makes me want to buy their product. I have a friend (the same friend who suggested I title this blog “Lipsticks & Dicks”) who swears by this stuff. Hilarious. I love when people/companies are plain REAL.

5. Movie Theater at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta

You’re probably thinking, “How amazing can a movie theater really be? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?” FALSE. I thought the exact same thing until I experienced the AMC at Phipps Plaza in Buckhead. OVER. THE. TOP. I thought Cine Bistro was amazing. Ha. This theater surpasses all others. How exactly?

Their ginormous seats are like sitting on a reclining cloud. Honestly, it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt. The best part is that the ticket prices are not any higher than the regular, highway robbery-priced movie tickets of today – WIN! Plus, it’s doesn’t have the dinner service that many theaters are adding on, and that I find extremely annoying when someone delivers a 10-course meal to the person right in front of you during a clutch movie scene. No thanks.

Overall, this theater is balls-to-the-wall amazing. I want to move in and live there forever.

Phipps Plaza Buckhead Atlanta GA AMC Movie Theater Amazing Seats

Anyone else obsessed with these people, books, commercials, TV shows, or amazing movie theaters? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving Right Now – May 2014

  1. I was so sad when I heard that FWBL was cancelled. It is a really great show. Hopefully another network will pick it up (like TBS did with Cougar Town). Who knew Dawson would grow up to look like THAT?!?!


    • I know, right?!?! I love it and was honestly so surprised to see it cancelled. Compared to some of the crap out there, I think it’s just fabulous! Although, when writing this post, I looked up some short clips from YouTube and all of the ones they put up were AWFUL! Compared to how funny the show really is that’s such a poor representation!

      And Dawson = YUM! Much better looking than the Aussie even:) I just love the whole cast. So sad. Maybe someone will take pity on our heartbroken souls and pick it up elsewhere???

      Thanks Carson:)


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