Makeup Crush: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Dark Eyeliner Bangs

Like my first Makeup Crush (Kim Kardashian), Angelina Jolie is absolutely gorgeous. She’s not lacking for stunning features – eyes, lips, cheekbones, and jaw line – that she can pick and choose which she would like to highlight front and center. What I love most about Angelina Jolie’s look is that she doesn’t fall into makeup trends but rather stays clean and classic. Although, I’m the first to admit I love dramatic makeup (like the GORGE one above), I appreciate her simplicity.


I love the red lips and bronze eyes. Stunning without being overdone. Plus she’s been rocking paler skin recently – love that!


Pretty pink lips and cheeks give her a healthy, flushed look.

angelina jolie golden globes 2012

I think one of the things I love about her style is also the simple jewelry she rocks. Those blood vial wearing and brother kissing days are far behind her.

Angelina Jolie 5

This makeup is a bit overdone compared to her usual look (probably an older image), but just goes to show that she can rock it even when all her amazing features are prominent/highlighted. Dark eyes, big lips, and chiseled cheekbones and jaw line. I would take any one of those features. Work IT. 

angelina jolie green earrings

Damn, does the woman even contour?! Her cheek bones are features of envy. 

Angelina Jolie Oscars 2014

Gah, I love everything about this – dress, jewelry, hair, and makeup. Stunning. Give your stylist a raise!

Of course, celebrities are not perfect by any means. Before, I showed a final image of Kim Kardashian without makeup to make me/us feel a little bit better about ourselves, but I can’t do that with Angelina Jolie. In all of her no makeup pictures she’s feeding the children and saving the world. Gorgeous, talented, and has a heart of gold? Damn it.

Therefore I leave you with this makeup artist snafu from a recent red carpet event. Gotta watch out for that light reflecting, finishing powder.


Which celebrity’s makeup are you crushing on?


5 thoughts on “Makeup Crush: Angelina Jolie

  1. She’s so gorgeous it’s ridiculous. I wish she would stop getting so skinny and just look healthy, but I guess that’s Hollywood for you. I LOVED her outfits for the Maleficent photo call. AMAZING.


    • I agree about her weight. You can see every vein all over her body – even the big forehead one – which is just not a good look. Eat a burger, girl!

      Sigh, she’s gorgeous.


  2. She is soooooo beautiful .., girl has talent and looks .. She did say that she wears makeup because it’s her job description , but she doesn’t endorse any or like any…
    Kim Kardashian is a classic example of how makeup industries survive, can’t stand her . She has no talent, no humanitarian work, not a sense of talking n a walking makeup factory. She just flaunts her body to make money and be in news.. Hate her


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