Dear Cruella: A Love Letter

Nars Cruella I love you

Dear Cruella,

For the longest time I’ve heard about you and all your glory, but I just pooh-poohed what others said about you and continued my life. One day, I just got curious and threw you into my cart at Sephora not knowing what would lie ahead. Then, that night, I discovered your magical ways and you completely rocked my world.

NARS Cruella Lip Pencil

No other lipstick will do now that you’ve shown me the light. Your stamina that first night – five whole hours – blew my damn mind. Even through dinner and drinks – that sometimes makes others sluggish – you performed like a champ.

You gave me the best lip lovin’ I’ve ever had. 

Your matte formula hugs my lips like no other and shows me that you really care. Most of all, you’re sassy (just like me), and I truly appreciate that quality in my lip colors. 

NARS Cruella Lips

I promise to be loyal to you and your fellow NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I swear I won’t hide your light under a bushel, and I’ll tell everyone that you are truly, truly amazing. I wanna take more #shamelessselfies with you and only you from now on. Now can we be exclusive…forever? Check the box ‘yes’ or ‘hells yes’ please.
I know it’s a little early in our relationship to be making bold declarations, but Cruella… I love you.
Basically, go buy yourself a new best friend because Cruella is the shit.
You can thank me later.

18 thoughts on “Dear Cruella: A Love Letter

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