Lashing Out

If you can’t tell already, I’m obsessed with eyelashes. I (sadly) only have four eyelashes – even after taking Biotin for a hot minute. Thankfully, I’ve found my eyelash savior in my all-time favorite mascara, which helps, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after others with naturally long and lush lashes.

long beautiful eyelashes 1

long beautiful eyelashes 2

long beautiful eyelashes 3 blue eyes

long beautiful eyelashes 4

long beautiful eyelashes 5

long beautiful eyelashes 6

If anyone has some great eyelash growth tips or tricks, please share the love! I’ll do just about anything to make mine more beautiful. Except… I’m a wee bit scared of those eyelash growth serums like Latisse, LiLash, Rapidlash, etc.  I’ve heard they can change your eye color? And quite frankly, I don’t want to pay for extensions or suffer through the after effects of my eyelashes falling out. I’ll just stick with my false eyelashes for now.

Do you use eyelash growth or lengthening serums? Eyelash extensions?


16 thoughts on “Lashing Out

  1. I have been using Latisse consistently for the past 4 years and my eyes are lighter blue than the picture in your post! NO color change to my eyes at all. They have to warn you about the possible change because it was the only way they could get FDA approval (so far it is the only lash product out there that is FDA approved, but not one of the people they studied to get approval had a change in iris color). I too have tried They’re Real, ahh-mazing mascara!


  2. Try strip lashes! I used to get individuals done every two weeks. Then I lost my job and turned to strips as a cost effective alternative.


    • I love full strip false lashes. I’ve never tried individual extensions, but I’ve used the individual glue-on and could not get the hang of it! LOVE me some false lashes!


  3. I would recommend the bare minerals flawless definition mascara it does great at seperating and I personally think it gives more length to my lashes and I love it!


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