Pale Girl Problems: Foundation Matching

Oh the woes of foundation matching when you’re a pale girl…

foundation matching for pale girls white foundation

Emily and I are tight.

I really need a foundation in shade “glow in the dark” or “white as a ghost.” Where can I purchase these, please? NO WHERE! Ugh! Maybe there are some plain foundations that work for very pale girls, but I have not found it yet. So, I use a little trick to make any foundation work for me and my pale, white girl skin.

Pale Girl Problems Foundation Matching Jane Iredale BB Cream Illamasqua White 105 Foundation Mixers

The answer is WHITE foundation! Genius, right? I use Illamasqua’s white Rich Liquid Foundation in shade #105 and mix in with my regular foundation to achieve the right shade for me. I use a 1/4 to 1/3 ratio of the white foundation to my foundation of choice and it works perfectly. Just make sure you blend the two shades seamlessly so there are no funky  spots. I use the back of my hand to mix the shades, let it sit for a minute so my natural body heat warms it up, mix/swirl it again, and apply.

Pale Girl Problems Foundation Matching Swatches Jane Iredale BB Cream Illamasqua Rich Liquid White FoundationSwatches of Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid Foundation in #105 and Jane Iredale BB Cream in BB1

Other days when I want a bit more coverage or SPF, I’ll use the grey-tinged Jane Iredale BB Cream in the same manner. It is a bit darker than the pure white foundation, but it works fantastically. Many days, I’ll spread just the BB Cream all over my face then top with Bare Minerals or Laura Mercier loose mineral foundation.

I purchased the Illamasqua foundation from Sephora online and the Jane Iredale BB Cream from my local Nordstrom Spa (not the counters, the spa). If you want more a more accessible option, I know MAC has a white Face and Body Foundation that I’ve seen in some makeup artists’ kits, but I’ve never tried it out myself.

But, hey, if you have nice, clear skin one always has the option of going without foundation/makeup. Unfortunately for me if I do this something like the situation illustrated below occurs:

No Makeup Natural Face someecard

 Boo, you clear-skin whores

And just to prove that celebrities don’t always get their makeup right either (like my Lindsay Lohan horrific contouring example) , check out poor Fergie’s royal (pun intended) foundation matching mishap:

Fergie foundation matching mishap

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18 thoughts on “Pale Girl Problems: Foundation Matching

  1. Getting a foundation that goes peefect with your natural color is soooo difficult!! 😦 I am still struggling with it. If nothing works out ill probably invent a foundation of my own too by mix various products like you did. Haha, such encouragement this post has been. 😀 xx


  2. I am with you 100%. What a pain it is to match your skin tone perfectly with the right shade of foundation. I also don’t have a lot of time to make two and three trips to the beauty store if I get the wrong shade. Ya feel me?! ; ) I’m particularly excited about the BB cream I’ve been using. It’s an SPF and tinted moisturizer all in one. I don’t even wear foundation or powder now b/c the cream works so well. It took some searching for the right brand and shade, but I’m pleased with the end result. 🙂


  3. Oh dear! That pic of Fergie… Its pretty hard matching foundation in general. I feel like im on this endless quest for the perfect foundation that leaves my skin feeling matte but dewy at the same time… Colours are an issue skin my skin is quite pink toned… p.s I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award… Steph xx


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