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Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

Since I travel quite a bit (or used to), I keep a permanent travel makeup bag for the sake of convenience. I keep this colorful makeup bag packed and ready to go along with my travel makeup brush set so that I never have to pack one up before trips, staying over with a friend, or those frequent rare mornings when I’m running late and have to do my makeup while speeding across six lanes of the interstate.

Makeup in the Car

Wouldn’t this be nice? Iz gold chainz included?

 This is a super convenient system and I even keep my overnight toiletries kit permanently packed as well. Oh, the things you learn when going back and forth from your parent’s houses #divorcekid. Anyways, take a look at my travel/”oh crap I overslept” makeup bag:

For primers, I have a Make Up For Ever HD face primer and a bottle of my favorite eye lid primer, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. I then have another Urban Decay product, their stick concealer in CIA for all my trouble areas. I find the stick is most convenient because who knows what kind of weather this bag may endure, and I don’t have to worry about a creamy pot concealer melting all over the place or a liquid concealer congealing in some strange form. I then have two foundation options: Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation and Bare Minerals loose powder, both in the lightest shades of course. I generally slap on a light layer of the Estee Lauder (strong stuff) and buff in the Bare Minerals.

Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

My Lorac Pro To Go Palette serves many purposes. I can use one of the two blushes in the palette or the bronzer. The bronzer is pretty dark and very pigmented, so I also keep one of my favorite contouring products, MAC’s Taupe Shape, just in case. I can then choose any of the six eyeshadow shades in the palette for any look I desire. To top it off, I have three eyeliners to choose from – black, grey, or taupe – depending on my mood look.

I always keep some kind of back-up eyelash curler and mini mascara in this bag. I’m considering ordering another one of my favorite beauty tools, the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, just to keep in here because I love it so much. I also don’t want to “waste” a full-size mascara just in case it were to go bad, so I’m constantly switching these out (currently it’s Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes). I then focus on my brows: Revlon tweezers and a razor for errant hairs and shaping on the go, an Ofra dark brown eyebrow pencil, and a mini Chella eyebrow gel. If I do nothing else, I will do my eyebrows. Most important step, hands down.

I only keep one lipstick in this bag because I generally have a few options in my purse. The one pictured is a mini  Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in 69, a bright red. I’m not a big lip person anyways, although I’m working on it.

Finally, I top everything off with the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and a few sprays of the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. Done and done.

I keep everything in this water-proof (or something like that) bag that I got for free with a order. I’ll always save up a wishlist for this site and order once they have a great free gift to accompany it (which they have great gifts all the time!). I’m pretty sure that with this bag came products totaling $120 all for free with my order.

Also, I love saving my mini makeup products for this bag. It’s far more convenient to have mini items and items made of plastic for travel safety and convenience. The only item that breaks this rule is the Estee Lauder glass bottle foundation – oh well. I’ve also carried this bag many-a-times through airport security in my carry-on bag (razor and tweezers included) along with my over 3 oz. bottles and have never been caught. Thanks for keeping us safe, TSA.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek inside my travel makeup bag. Leave a link in the comments below if you’ve already done one; I would love to see it!


5 thoughts on “Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

  1. Cute Bag! I’ve never ordered from but it looks like they give cute bags/freebies with most $100+ orders. Good to know! I always save my mini/sample sized makeup products for when I travel too. I have a tote bag full of sample moisturizers and shampoo from Sephora! How’s the coverage on that Bare Minerals loose powder? I’ve been thinking of getting a powder foundation — either Bare Minerals or the Tarte Amazonian clay.


    • Yeah, their freebie deals are amazing! Sign up for their newsletter at your own risk 🙂

      I love Bare Minerals. It was the first (appropriate) makeup purchase I ever made in the 8th grade. The coverage is definitely buildable but can sometimes look too cakey if you really layer it on. I will always recommend Bare Minerals; i really believe in the product/brand.


  2. Great post! I love your blog 🙂 I always struggle with packing makeup. I’m not very good at cutting down what to bring! I end up bringing all my lipsticks to make sure I have the option depending on my mood haha.


    • HAHA! I feel ya on overpacking, but that’s when those luggage weight limits come in handy, right? Plus, I pack light and tell myself that I can buy something there if I need it 🙂 I enable myself so easily…

      Thanks for stopping by, Evie!!!


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