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November in NYC

As you can draw from the title, I’m just now posting about my trip to New York City from last fall. Oops. Anyways, my mom and I spent a quick weekend in NYC just for fun, and we got to see and do some pretty cool things.

…Except we almost didn’t make it there. I’m not the biggest fan of turbulence (but then again who is?) and the plane ride up there was turbulence central. Our original flight was cancelled due to inclement weather in the Northeast, which should have been our first clue that it would be a bumpy ride. Little did we know. I was clutching my mom’s arm for almost the entire ride and silently chanting “Jesus Take the Wheel” in my head. Thankfully, we made it; I’ve never been so happy to place my feet on solid ground. Hallelujer. 

Tyler Perry Madea Hallelujer Praise da Lort

Amen, Madea

This was our first time staying in SoHo and I quite liked it!  We were a mere block from the closest metro stop and steps away from amazing shopping and dining spots which was beyond convenient.

SoHo NYC City View

View of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn Bridge from our room

New York City High Line

The High Line

Our first Friday adventure was to The High Line. I desperately wanted to go after my friends went back in August (while I was trapped on a train), and they raved about how cool it was! This public park runs along an old rail line, and although elevated from the city, sometimes it feels completely immersed in buildings and city hubbub while sometimes it’s a forest away from any hint of pollution and taxis and craziness. The High Line is a gem in the bustling city. I recommend everyone visit this amazing spot.

The High Line NYC

See – it doesn’t even seem like New York City! Gorge.

The High Line NYC Instagram

The old rail lines and modern benches that line The High Line

Eduardo Kobra V-J Day Couple Colorful Mural on The High Line in NYC

Sights along the way: a fascinating parking structure (how does that even work?!) and colorful mural by Eduardo Kobra of the famous image from Times Square on V-J Day in 1945. Absolutely stunning.

After walking from SoHo to Chelsea and all along the High Line then back, it was late afternoon and we were starved. I’m fairly certain the exact words that came out of my mom’s mouth were, “If I don’t eat right this second, I’m going to die.” Of course on our walk back we were near quite a few eateries (and a cool Google building), but we chose Empire Cake over them all. This actually ended up being our lunch and dinner for the day. Totally worth it.

Empire Cake New York City Instagram

We chose a delish slice of chocolate cake with buttercream frosting at Empire Cake. #noshame

After a quick dash back to the hotel to change, we taxied up to the Theater District to see the BEST MUSICAL EVER, Kinky Boots. I forget how we found out about this show exactly, but it is critically acclaimed and Grammy and Tony award-winning. All I can say is… it was AMAZING. It is the most fun I’ve ever had at any broadway show. Like stand up in your seat, sing and dance kind of fun. The music was masterfully crafted by Cyndi Lauper and her funky touch absolutely made the show!

Kinky Boots The Al Hirschfeld Theatre NYC

For those of you concerned by the name (although this is highly doubtful as you are reading a blog entitled Pretty Trippy), the story line is nothing 50 Shades-esque. A young man struggles to save his family’s traditional, out-dated shoe factory when he decides to capitalize on the niche, undeveloped market (look Ma, I’m putting that MBA to good use!) of sexy, yet sturdy boots for drag queens. Ultimately, it’s a story of acceptance and love for all regardless of our differences.

Kinky Boots The Musical NYC Cast and Crew

Kinky Boots on Broadway Cast & Creators (image credit – Vanity Fair)

We spent much of Saturday strolling through the city stopping at The Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art MoMA New York City Monet Water Lilies

Monet’s Water Lilies is one of my favorites

Christmas shopping of course…


Macy’s Herald Square

And finally, Rockefeller Center. The ice skating rink was in full swing, but sadly the iconic Christmas Tree was not raised until the next weekend! Sad! I’ve been to New York many a times (my father is a New Yorker), but this was my first time going at/around Christmas and it was so special! At some point in the future, I want to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, spend Christmas in the city, and celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink

My mom and I decided that we wanted to do something along the line of visiting the Empire State Building or cruising to The Statue of Liberty, but instead we went to the Top of the Rock. My New York savvy friend, Stephanie, suggested visiting here instead of the Empire State Building so you could actually see the iconic structure. Makes sense, right? Otherwise, you’d just be looking at a bunch of buildings unrecognizable and smaller than the one you were on top of. Suffice it to say, Stephanie was totally right and the view was phenomenal.

Top of the Rock Rockefeller Center View Central Park

Overlooking Central Park

Top of the Rock Rockefeller Center View Central Park 2

Top of the Rock Rockefeller Center View Empire State Building 3

Empire State Building

Later that night, we went out for dinner in SoHo but my brain, feet, and phone were so dead that I didn’t even think to take pictures. The only thing I remember about that night was my swollen feet and overpriced free range chicken that was probably blessed by a rabbi and a priest and lived in a golden roost on Park Avenue for how much it cost.

On Sunday we had an early afternoon flight with just enough time to do something in the morning. Since we didn’t take the all-day ferry to the Statue of Liberty, we re-created the Staten Island adventure I had in August. Except this time it was a whole new adventure because the New York City Marathon was going on this morning. We didn’t know the exact details of how this worked (i.e. the fact that it starts on Staten Island and all the runners take the ferry at the same time we were). We quickly learned this fact when our frozen, immobile bodies climbed into a taxi for the few blocks to the ferry and our driver asked if we were running. Ha! The image below captures my thoughts on the matter:

The only marathons I run are Netflix New York Marathon 2013 Thoughts


So my mom and I (and our 500 closest friends) packed warmly together at the terminal before pushing (and hoping and praying) onto the ferry. This part was actually pretty cool because while many runners were getting in the zone, many were enjoying the “foreign” sites along the way. I heard distinct dialects of French, Italian, (British) English, and Greek from some of the participants which leads me to believe that many traveled from all over the world for this event. It’s pretty cool how people come together and, regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, and communication gaps make it work for a shared passion.

Staten Island Ferry Terminal NYC Marathon 2013

You picked the wrong moment to turn around, chick.

Staten Island Ferry Terminal NYC Skyline 2
Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry
Hey, Libby
Thankfully, there were no crazy TSA antics at the airport and we were on our merry way back to Atlanta after a whirlwind weekend. The only bizarre happening on this flight were from the book I was reading, Gone Girl. Anyone else read about this crazy couple? Do you like any other books by Gillian Flynn?
Briggs & Riley Luggage Phillip Lim for Target purse Gone Girl Gillian Flynn
Gone Girl safely tucked away in my beloved Phillip Lim for Target purse resting on my Briggs & Riley luggage that I have a serious obsession with. Best luggage ever.
Have a wonderful week, travelers 🙂

8 thoughts on “November in NYC

  1. I loved this! First of all – parking structure insanity. I’ve always wondered how that works. I thought I was the only one who was intrigued. Second – Gone Girl oh heck yes. Amazing author. Amazing book. I read it this past Spring I believe and then read her other two books (Dark Places) and I can’t remember the other but they were just as mind blowing. They’re actually adapting Gone Girl into a movie. Comes out this Fall. You’re welcome. Okay I’m rambling. I feel like I just took a mini trip. I love it.


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