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A Free Mascara? Happy Birthday from Ulta!

Ulta is totally stepping up their game this year and offering free FULL-SIZE birthday gifts to all their Rewards Members! I’ve never seen this before at Ulta, so I’m fairly certain this is a new offer/deal.

Sephora already has an established program and in previous years I received Philosophy shower gel, Fresh lip balms and a Benefit highlighter and mascara duo. I must say, for this being the inaugural year, Ulta certainly came out with a bang offering a full-sized product. I doubt Sephora would ever offer a full-size product (most likely due to an extremely high redemption rate).

Ulta’s free birthday gift, which you can pick up with your emailed coupon anytime during your birthday month, is the Signature CK One mascara. I have not tried it out yet but after checking out the tester in store this mascara has an interesting “click and twist” feature. By twisting the top of the wand, the plastic bristles move from a straight lined pattern to curved rows. Not sure if that will really do much, but I’m interested to try it out.

Mucho, mucho impressed, Ulta. Keep up the good rewards!


8 thoughts on “A Free Mascara? Happy Birthday from Ulta!

    • WHAT?! No way! I definitely did not get a $10 off coupon; I feel so cheated (haha)! That’s a fantastic perk though! I hope you like the mascara – I still have not tried mine out yet.


  1. i can’t wait to get mine. do they give you the option of getting the color mascara?? i’d love the blue or purple, but either way, i can’t wait to try this!! πŸ˜€ oh and the coupon is for the platinum members, i think. i guess they deserve it since they have to spend so much.


    • They didn’t ask me which color I wanted and I got the basic black. Maybe you could ask and they could pick? Ask away and see what happens!

      I didn’t know it was for the big spenders [hangs my head in shame]… I thought it was for everyone!

      I just started using mine and so far, so good! Good luck in getting your color!


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