Makeup Crush: Kim Kardashian

This is the first post of a blog series highlighting my celebrity makeup crushes so of course it has to begin with the queen of contouring, American reality television star, Kim Kardashian.

Regardless of how one may feel about her personally, Kim Kardashian seriously knows how do her makeup has some great makeup artists. She uses makeup artists like Joyce Bonelli and Mario Dedivanovic on the reg to keep her looking 24/7 camera ready. Check out some of my favorite looks below:

Kim Kardashian Black Dress Natural Sleek Makeup

Classic, simple and sleek with such flawless skin. Gorge.

Kim Kardashian Christmas Card Makeup

I love this dramatic eye and lip look from a Kardashian/Jenner family Christmas card from years past. Of course, her signature contour is rockin’ here.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup

Her marriage may not have lasted long, but her makeup was legendary. Absolute perfection with natural makeup that this picture doesn’t even begin to capture.

Kim Kardashian Yellow Highlighter Makeup

One of the most talked about Twitter photos of Kim Kardashian with the yellow streaks all across her face.  Wayne Goss has an amazing video on this primer technique.

Kim Kardashian Houndstooth Dress with Kris Humphries Wedding Ring

I really like when she goes with the more natural, neutral look rather than the tired, Kanye-influenced look she’s been sporting lately. Plus this houndstooth dress is killer. Want and need.

And just to prove that celebrities are people too, here’s a no makeup shot:

Kim Kardashian No Makeup

Thank you, paparazzi, for making us feel better about ourselves by stalking celebrities everyday. 

I really think that Kim Kardashian changed the makeup game when she came on the scene a few years ago. The paparazzi are constantly following her and it is truly impressive how she always looks so flawless. I can’t even imagine that makeup artist bill. Whew.

Are you crushing on any of the Kardashians’ makeup looks?

PS- Team Khloe. She’s hilarious.


17 thoughts on “Makeup Crush: Kim Kardashian

  1. Kim K is seriously gorgeous, regardless of what anyone thinks of her personality. I want her makeup artists to publish a book of her looks no techniques!


  2. I think make up is the only thing I like about Kim, but she does have a great look! And I agree what you said about paparazzi giving us no make up pictures!


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