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Warning to Ipsy Subscribers!

I spent most of December away from home and just came back to a not so happy surprise…

Warning to Ipsy Subscribers Auto Renewal Annoying

If you read my posts on Subscription Beauty Boxes or my Makeup Usage Goals for 2014, you know that I have an Ipsy subscription and I also want to get rid of it (and all my other subscription services for that matter). Nothing wrong at all with Ipsy; I have been fairly happy with my subscription. I simply have too much makeup and am looking to lighten my load.

Last December, when my renewal came around for Ipsy, I received a notification asking if I wanted to re-up my subscription. I promptly did so and thought it was so wonderful that they did not automatically sign me up for another year! So when this year’s time for renewal rolled around, I decided I would just let it lapse. Much to my surprise, after coming back home from the holidays there was an Ipsy bag waiting in my mailbox.

First of all, UGH, how annoying! I hate that they switched operations without any kind of notification (to my knowledge). Secondly, I’m annoyed that I was charged another annual fee for a service I no longer want. I am working that out, but just thought I would spread the word around to those of you who are subscribed.

In a way, this works out fabulously for you, my wonderful readers. I have my unopened December Ipsy bag just waiting for a good home so I thought I would hold a giveaway! You can see the products they claim are in my bag below, although I cannot confirm the contents because I have not opened it.

My December 2013 Ipsy Bag

To enter, simply (1) Be a follower via WordPress or Bloglovin’ and (2) leave a comment below with your email address. I will randomly pick a winner after midnight EST on Friday, January 17th. I will absolutely ship internationally as I am sure some of you non-US residents would love a chance to try out this service.

Good luck!


12 thoughts on “Warning to Ipsy Subscribers!

  1. I was gonna ‘like’ this post – then realized I actually needed an ‘unlike’ button… How lame that you get charged for something you don’t want…Hope you can sort it all out soon!

    Still, one (wo)man’s trash is another one’s treasure – huh? I’d love to get my hands on that Glam Bag, especially since there’s a NYX lipstick in there (been dying to try NYX out, but they’re so hard to get your hands on around my neck of the woods). Thanks for including us international readers in this 😉 and best of luck to everyone!

    (imogen2806 [at] hotmail [dot] com)


  2. How annoying, but as you say good for the readers! Really generous to make it international, I love trying out new products x


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