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14 Makeup Usage Goals for 2014

Y’all (yes, this is most definitely a word if you live in The South), I am a serious list maker. I love making task lists (mostly I love the feeling of crossing off said tasks), goal lists, shopping lists, stuff I’m awesome at lists, etc. I’m also on a mission to decrease my makeup stash, so I thought why not make a “makeup usage goal list” for the start of 2014?! This is not a project pan or buying ban (because we all know how successful that was), it’s just more of an accountability thing in order to focus my efforts. Keep me accountable, okay?

Here it goes:

1. Use my MAC paint pots before they (and my money) dry up.

2. Wear at least one lip product every day. I am a chapstick kind of girl with a major phobia of lipstick-teeth so I rarely wear lip stick or lip gloss. But I have all these lipsticks and glosses so why not use them?

3. Use up all sample and back-up mascaras. I’ve done a pretty good job of this recently, but I want to get to the point where I actually run out of mascara and must go to the store to buy a tube!

4. Pare down my makeup brushes by donation (is this possible?), giving to friends, etc.


5. Decrease the number of my eyeshadow palettes. No specific number, but definitely lighten the load by giving to friends or a swap (anyone interested?). I’ll do a palette collection post soon so you can get the full picture.

6. Try and use up as much concealer as possible. It is very hard to find a concealer light enough for me, so I have quite a few different types and brands floating around that just need to go away.

7. Holy crap, get rid of flippin’ foundation. Throw away what’s too old and only keep one of each kind – mineral, cream, liquid (if that…).

8. Get rid of all back-ups. So unnecessary.

9. Try to pair down makeup overall so that everything fits into my 4 plastic Muji drawers.

10. Unsubscribe from all my subscription beauty boxes. There’s really no reason for me to continue adding to the insanity with Ipsy and my New Beauty & QVC Test Tubes. Plus, I’m a po graduate student.


11. Do something with all of my eyeliner. It’s really ridiculous.

12. Use my nail polish like crazy! Which probably means more nail posts – good thing or bad thing? I’m working on improving my pictures, but let me know if it’s (nail) polish porn overload.

13. Attempt to finish at least one powder product be it blush, bronzer, setting powder, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever done so and it would be nice to say that I have. This is probably extremely wishful thinking…

14. Seriously curb the makeup and nail polish purchasing. Just stop it.

So this list is not too specific, but just enough direction to keep me motivated throughout the year. Do you have any makeup specific goals for the year?  I highly encourage you to do so especially if you want to lighten your makeup stash. Let me know in the comments if you do!


35 thoughts on “14 Makeup Usage Goals for 2014

  1. That sounds quite challenging!
    I keep buying stuff all the time, but I too have to find a way to get rid of all the stuff (nail polish + make-up).
    What I want to do:
    To use up the stuff in my make-up bag first, and to not add any products to it.
    Use up some nail polish with the help of stamping. Same colours, but different designs. It will likely be boring after a while, but I need to do that.
    And… stop buying new foundation to give new products a try. I haven’t loved any other foundation than my Maybelline matte mousse make-up since its launch. I’ve bought lots of other foundations, but haven’t even liked one.
    Hopefully this should help me a little!


  2. Haha this is brilliant! I’m with you on most of these! Although i need to actually BUY some mascara and stop relying on freebies and testers! lol, great post! 🙂


    • I was thinking about doing a collection post sometime soon… Muji are those awesome, cheap, acrylic drawers. They have a store in NYC, but I just ordered mine online. If I had the money, I would totally order a Clear Cube. You should get that one so I can live vicariously through you 🙂

      Twins all around 🙂


  3. Excellent makeup goals! Haha #3 sounds exactly like me! I can’t even remember the last time I actually BOUGHT a tube of mascara. Seriously, I’ve pretty much been using mascara from bonus gifts or samples sizes from Sephora. I guess the good thing is at least I didn’t spend money on them! Free samples are fun!😉


    • Definitely better than hoarding my paid-for full-size tubes! But I do want to get through all my back stock so I can stick to my fave mascara, Benefit’s They’re Real. Now that I’ve found my “holy grail” it seems silly to have so many now…


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