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What color are your PANTIES tonight?! A Fun, Brazilian New Year’s Eve Tradition!

Let me tell you, I have some crazy friends. Crazy awesome, that is.

One of my friends, Juli, is from Rio de Janeiro and last year she told me of a fun, Brazilian tradition for New Year’s Eve. She said that Brazilians wear certain color undies to represent what they want the most from the next year. She also said that they take this tradition very seriously… I thought I would share this fun tradition with you all so you can bring the best to your 2014 as well. The list below was given to me from her, so don’t quote me on the exact specifications. Who knew panty picking could be so complicated?!

Brazilian Panty Tradition for New Year's Eve

Red – Color of love. AΒ warm color for passion (either for a person or for life)

Orange – Color of happiness and joy – the contagious type!

Green – Color of nature. It will attract hope, harmony and balance to your life. Also means new beginnings.

Yellow – Color of gold. Demonstrates money and wealth. If you don’t need money, the color yellow also means courage.

Pink – Color of romance. It’s for people who want to bring more emotion to life and relationships. It could be used for love too.

Purple – Color of thinker/philosophers. It’s used by people who want power.

Gray – Color of uncertainty. It’s not good for people who don’t have concrete plans (no pun intended). It’s neutral and not suggested to wear.

Blue – Color of maturity. This will bring rest and peace of mind or security/protection.

White – Color of peace and wisdom. It shoos away bad juju/energy.

Brown – Color of security in all aspects of life.Β 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Juli says to not try to outsmart the system and wear tie-dye or multi-colored panties! You can only pick one color or else… BAD JUJU!

I’m fairly certain I wore either blue or green last year and that seemed to work out well. Honestly, I think this year’s color will depend on what’s clean πŸ™‚ TMI?!

What color undies will you be sporting this New Year’s Eve?!?


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