Feelin’ Fancy

Normally, I’m a pretty neutral makeup kind of girl but with the flurry of parties during the holidays, I love me some sparkle. I mean LOVE sparkle. This is really the only time of year I bring out the glitter because, let’s be honest, glitter is a pain in the ass. Check out the pictures below as my inspiration for this year’s fancy holiday makeup – most likely New Year’s Eve.

gold glitter eyes red lips

I think this will be my NYE look this year with more subtle lashes… or not 🙂

sparkly eye makeup

shimmer eye makeup

I’m pretty sure this look was created using the Naked 2 palette

gold glitter eye makeup

gold glitter black winged eyeliner

Gah, I love the glitter liner – GORGEOUS

sparkly lips

I think these Violent Lips look so cool! I’ve never tried this freaky, lip sticker contraption so could someone tell me if they hold up through the drinking and kissing of New Year’s Eve?! 

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! Here’s to 2014!


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Let me know of any other suggestions for these Feelin’ posts!


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