Black, Matte Nails

Latest obsession: black, matte nails.


I believe this love stems from the recent discovery of my hot pink, matte Zoya polish mixed with the “darker desires” of fall. I generally hate black nail polish, but for some reason my feelings have completely changed this season. Probably because I can now wear whatever color nail polish I want to, when I was very limited in my color selection before graduate school.




Does anyone know of a good black, matte polish?

I just ordered Butter London’s matte top coat in my Sephora VIB 20% off order, which will hopefully work because the OPI Matte Nail Envy is not so matte. Suggestions welcomed 🙂

What nail trends are you loving this fall?



9 thoughts on “Black, Matte Nails

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  2. Try the Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat, it’s what I use to make my nail polish matte and within a few seconds it works like magic!


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