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Feelin’ Smokey

I’m truly obsessed with some seriously dark, smokey eyes as of late. I’m so in love with this look; I wake up wanting to smudge out my eyes. I’ve always loved a good smokey eye, but to want one at 8am? Not so normal for me.


This is most likely a result of watching far too much Vampire Diaries from my newly acquired and now beloved Netflix account. Thanks but no thanks to the friends (I’m looking at you Stefan & Sheyna) that got me addicted to this terrible homework put-er off-er.

Maybe if I smoke out my eyes like Elena, I’ll be forced to choose between two smokin’ hot vamps too – ahh, such a tough life.


I’ll take one of each, please

Anyways, here are more images from Pinterest that I’m absolutely loving right now:





I’m fairly certain this is Eva Green’s eye makeup from Casino Royale. I firmly believe that Daniel Craig is the best James Bond and that Casino Royale is the best Bond movie. 




Gah, I love those ridiculous lashes

I will most likely have another post about how I’m “Feelin’ Vampy” with regards to my lips coming soon.



14 thoughts on “Feelin’ Smokey

  1. I remember a few months ago, I had an unhealthy obsession with smokey eyes. Even in the daytime and at school, I always wanted to rock the black eyeshadow and eyeliner-it was so bad 🙂 I really do love your blog, its so relatable.I just followed your blog, I was hoping you could check my blog out and possibly follow back if you like it.

    ❤ Your New follower, Naa


  2. My favorite look? Yes. Obviously, we’re twins. I used to do a smokey eye for years on a day to day basis. I’ve stopped since people always asked me if I was going out after and I finally got sick of saying, “no I have a date with Two and a Half men.” I now reserve it for when I actually am going out or when I want people to do double takes during the day 😀


  3. That makes two of us! I would wear my smokey eye during the day for years. You can totally pull it off during the day if you switch it up to a color like a plum or even neutrals like brown and taupe. It will still satisfy your smokey needs without looking like a walk of shame.



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    • Okay…ready…(deep breath)….

      I only really use pencils and eyeshadow (as liner) so that’s all I can personally advise you on. Liquid and gel – you’re a brave soul and on your own 🙂

      1. Tarte SmolderEyes – The kind you have to sharpen with the smudger on one end. Make sure you get this one, they have like 5 similar ones, but SmolderEyes is the best. Ulta and Sephora. Get it now.

      2. Milani Eyeliner – FANTASTIC drugstore option. Seriously amazing and the price is even better. Glides on like BUTTAH. I usually find Milani at CVS and on an end-cap rather than a regular wall display.

      3. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners – Pretty good all around and they have a fantastic color range. Ulta and Sephora.

      4. L’Oreal Eyeliners – Another great drugstore option. L’Oreal does pretty great stuff all around – their Volumnous something mascara is bomb too.

      5. MAC Smolder Eye Kohl – I’ve never tried this one, but it’s supposed to be fantastic. People swear by this one, I just haven’t taken the plunge yet…

      Need more?

      Can you tell I’m in my zone right now?! A friend asked me to go to Ulta with her yesterday. One hour and $90 later, we made it out (although not willingly)…

      Hope this helps! Go smoke it out!


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