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NYC Day 1: Stuck on Staten Island

Right after my quick trip to Philly, I took another long train to New York City. No switching trains this time around – yay! Although there was a small scuffle between two non-paying passengers and the train crew. We then had to stop in the middle of nowhere to wait for police to board and detain the men. They were only 4 rows in front of me, so I had a nice view of all the action. Kinda awesome and kinda scary all at the same time…

The High Line NYC

When I finally got to NYC, I completely crashed. My friends joining me on the trip, Hayley & Carrie, arrived a bit earlier than I did and spent time on The High Line. This former rail line was transformed into a beautiful public park completely in New York style. Jealous! I will definitely stop by on my next NYC trip.

The next morning we did a bit of shopping with two of H&C’s friends…

Dylan's Candy Bar NYC

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Urban Outfitters Funny Water Cups There's A Chance This is Vodke

Urban Outfitters – I came so close to buying the vodka cup. Loves it.

…while waiting for a table at Alice’s Tea Cup which was lovely (and packed).

Alice's Tea Cup NYC

Alice's Tea Cup NYC 2

We then took the train to Brooklyn and explored the park and DUMBO waterfront area. It was the perfect weather too – lots of sunbathers.

Brooklyn DUMBO area

Brooklyn DUMBO area Waterfront NYC Skyline View

This entire time at this park, I was hoping to see one of my favorite blog families, The Rockstar Diaries / Love Taza. They are adorable and I love their blog. I actually ran into them on a trip last year to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, but I made a fool of myself and turned into this idiot fan girl. I try to not think of this time.

Brooklyn DUMBO area Waterfront NYC Skyline View 2 Water Taxi

Brooklyn DUMBO area Waterfront NYC Skyline View 3

Anyways, Smorgasburg, a Brooklyn food flea market that occurs every weekend, was in full swing. This was by far the best food market I’ve ever been to! They had everything from cheese, meat on a stick, drinks, ice cream bars, and homemade s’more ice cream combo (which looked amazing, but the line was crazy long).

Brooklyn Snorgasburg

Brooklyn Smorgasburg

It was so hot that I devoured a cup of strawberry sorbet. Deelish.

Brooklyn Smorgasburg Ice cream Blue Marble

From there we went to the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan. This was my top sight-seeing priority because this would be my first time seeing the memorial. It was beautiful and the only sound you could hear was the rushing water. Next time, I would love to see this at night.

9/11 Memorial Panoramic

This was a panoramic photo, but it doesn’t show up well anywhere besides my phone. Oh, well.

9/11 Memorial White Rose

We walked around the empty financial district a bit more and, of course, had to stop by the Wall Street Charging Bull statue. Here I captured possibly the best pictures of the day.

Charging Bull Statue Wall Street NYC

Charging Bull Statue Wall Street NYC  Golden Balls

Best pictures ever

We explored the rest of the day until hopping on the FREE Staten Island Ferry which takes you right by the Statue of Liberty. This is one of the best free attractions that was mentioned in all of the NYC guides.

Staten Island Ferry

Statue of Liberty at Night

Once we got to Staten Island, we were not planning on staying but rather hopping on the next ferry back. As we stood on the top-level during disembarkment, we saw a swarm of people flat-out run to the other terminals (like they were on fire or something). We soon figured out that the next boat left a mere 2 minutes after arrival thus explaining the track stars. I will definitely remember that trick for the future. We had to wait at the Staten Island Ferry terminal for another hour, but a hundred or so others were stuck with us so no biggie.

Overall, it was a fantastic first day in New York. Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3!



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