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PrettyTrippy: Is this blog about “the high life?”

Umm, no. This blog is not about drugs. Sorry.

During the fall of 2012, I was beyond unhappy with my life. I took quite a drastic measure and quit my job (very unlike my type-A self) and also promised myself that I would spend the rest of my life doing only things that I love. I promptly made a list of 10 things that made me happy and used that as a starting place to change my life. Two things very high on my list are traveling and makeup (along with other random things like chocolate and my favorite radio morning show – ha).

Once I quit my job, I seriously pursued the idea of a blog and after taking 8 months to come up with a name finally we are here. Thus, PrettyTrippy is about my love of beauty (Pretty) and travel (Trippy).

Props to my friend Katy for coming up with a great name while road tripping with me on zero sleep. (Sidenote – I really wanted a fun, memorable and slightly scandalous blog name. My hilarious friend Caroline suggested “Lipsticks and Dicks” WHICH I LOVE. After throwing that potential blog name into Google and coming back with lovely NSFW results, I decided that name may be just too awesome misleading.)

And so begins PrettyTrippy. Enjoy.


First Blog Post

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7 thoughts on “PrettyTrippy: Is this blog about “the high life?”

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